We do not have a manufacturing unit because we don’t require one.

We export a large number of granite products like big slabs, cutter slabs, tiles, customized sizes for project order & tombstones. For each product, a specialized factory set up is required. It is not practical or economically feasible to set up a factory for each product. Each granite factory would require a big infrastructure and financial outlay and if we do this then eventually the price for the customer would go up as all the overheads would get added into the costing. So a factory set up is not even required in order to sell good quality competitively priced products.

Besides different granites are available in different regions in India and even if we set up a factory in one region we would not be able to process material from another region due to high transportation cost of rough material. So it is most economical if we identify good medium sized factories near quarries and give them rough blocks sourced by our experienced quality inspectors and get processing done at these factories. This ensures competitive price and good quality control.

Many granite factories that get set up fail as they are not able to sustain themselves with regular orders and at the same time they have to pay large infrastructural and running expenses. So we at Regatta have devised this model where we concentrate more on price, quality & delivery and not on running the factory. Over the last 16 years we have good experience in understanding customers’ requirements and at the same time, we know how the Indian factory system works. So we are prepared for all eventualities and the buyer always gets the right product for the right price from us. We make a big investment in human resources – in developing managers and quality control experts who manage and control factories to ensure correct production.

How do we keep our prices competitive vis-à-vis a manufacturer is a question often asked by us. It’s simple really. The first price in granite depends on upon quality. Most factories make quotation trying to maximize their profits so they manipulate quality in order to supply lower quality within the target price. We, on the other hand, are happy with a small profit of 10% so we source cheapest rough material from quarries. This ensures that our price is even cheaper than the manufacturer’s price. Since we have experienced quality inspectors who have experience of 15+ years in sourcing we are able to procure cheaper rough material than the factories themselves. This eventually makes Regatta’s prices lowest in the granite industry.

A good way to purchase is to give equal importance to price, quality, packing, delivery & service and Regatta Granites India offers this optimum mix to our international clients and we have received appreciation for our efforts. Please read the ‘testimonials’ section on our home page.