Granite vs. Quartzite Kitchen Countertop: An Honest Comparison

Though granite and marble are widely used to produce kitchen countertops, quartzite has also become a fairly popular stuff for creating countertops in the recent years. Quartzite is available in different beautiful shades and patterns just like granite that are capable enough to boost the interiors of your kitchen.

Quartzite is a hard metamorphic rock which is not water or acid soluble; hence in kitchen installations, it is not going to etch when get in direct contact with acidic food stuffs life tomatoes and lemons. On the other hand, granite is an igneous rock that is very hard and durable. Its porosity can be minimized by sealing, which also make it resistance to stains as well as acidic and alkaline food items. Nevertheless, granite also bears some natural acid and alkali resistance.

As far as maintenance is concerned, both granite and quartzite require proper sealing to prevent staining and to maintain their new looks. In terms of price, quartzite has an upper hand over granite as quartzite is a little less expensive than granite.

Note: Numerous quartzite manufacturers and suppliers are known to be selling marble that are labeled as quartzite; perhaps because they both feature almost similar looks and texture. Due to this reason, we get to hear about etching in quartzite, which is actually a common occurrence in marble. It is therefore suggested to get things confirmed from reliable sources before making a purchase.