Why is the Western world going gaga over Indian granite import?

In the last decade, India has enjoyed the status of an envious world leader in granite exports to the world. Thanks to the largest reserves of granite found in a large quantity in North and South India, including Bangalore in Karnataka; Rajasthan; Chennai in Tamil Nadu; Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha, for making India one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of granite to the western world. The country sells about 85-95 percent of its granite production. When it comes to the export of raw granite and granite for monumental or building stone, Indian granite suppliers surpass their Chinese and Brazilian competitors by capturing about 60 percent of the market. If you are looking for the answer to the question why Indian granite is the new import mania for homeowners in Western Countries, then following are some of the prime reasons why this highly-demanded stone is the apple of importers’ eyes.

Indian granite: A popular choice amongst importers

In the past, Indian granite was used for building memorials. Now the story has a big change. Nowadays, granite exporters from India are shipping an array of granite products to stone importers for the purpose of architectural and building works. Interestingly, India is the only country that exports a range of Black Galaxy variety processed at granite factories in India to the American households. For all granite product importers, a wide and exhaustive selection of Indian granite is available in the below-mentioned category types:

  1. Crude or raw granite blocks
  2. Granite gangsaw and slabs
  3. Granite for monumental or building stone
  4. Polished granite tiles
  5. Processed granite

“India is like a gold mine for granite. There are so many varieties and the quality is excellent. Most of the Omani customers come to us asking for Indian granites as they are affordable and are of great quality. The granite from China on the other hand is of inferior quality. Indian and Chinese granite dominate the granite market in Oman. In fact, 75% of the sales in Oman are from Chinese and Indian granite, the rest come from Brazilian and Italian granite, as they are very expensive,” Naveen Mathew Dominic, a granite importer from Oman?

Indian granite: A new symbol of luxury living

Home buyers in the United States assume this natural Indian stone as a synonym of dream kitchen—kitchen countertops. Builders’ preference to granite for new construction and homeowners’ tendency to use this stone for the renovation purpose show the rising importance of the stone. From home interiors to stylish bathrooms and from floor tiles to kitchen tops, granite in multiple colors, shades, designs, and finishes makes a big difference. Indian granite suppliers deliver global importers high quality natural stone with splendid features. Let’s have a look at why Indian granite is finding a new platform:

  • A wide variety of shades—white, red, green, yellow, cream, and black
  • The frenzy among Western customers for stylish interiors and facades
  • Resistance to scratching and low-maintenance stone
  • Smooth surface and highly resistant to oils and liquids
  • The hardest and strong stone for domestic and commercial options
  • Cutting of stones with computer-controlled saw

Indian granite: Rise of containerized shipping

With a boost in the demand for granite from India, commercial shipping has become more convenient in current times. Easier and timely shipping has made the buying of granite more affordable for builders and consumers. Now, already processed stones; safe packing of the cutter and gangsaw slabs, and hassle-free shipping at the global level have contributed in making prices of Indian granite products from granite exporters in India lower and affordable for the western world. In addition, it is the concept of changing globalization, updated technology, and new housing trends that give middle-class people better choices to garner their homes with granite which is less likely to break off, scratch, or blemish than marble.

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