5 Popular Indian Black Granite Countertops in the UK

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Be it any type of architectural project, the use of granite is nothing new as it has been used all across the world to lend unmatched beauty and functionality to any space. Among different areas of a property, the kitchen is one area that witnesses an extensive use of this natural stone. Do you know why? It is the high level of the curb appeal of this stone that makes it outperform all other options like marble. Among various granite colours available today, black is one colour that is known to lead the way.

granite colors for kitchen countertops india

Be it a commercial installation or residential installation, Indian black granite has its own visual enticement that is hard to be matched by any other colour or stone. In recent times, the stone has gained immense popularity in the UK with many architects and homeowners using this black beauty to accentuate the looks of their property.

There are many granite quarries in India that produce high quality black granite. Some of the leading variants of Indian black granite are Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Black Marine, and more.  From Sivakashi to Chamrajnagar and from Madurai to Ongole, there is an extensive list of quarries that produce superior quality stone products for residential and commercial projects. There are many granite suppliers in India that provide different types of granite stones to countries like the USA, UK, UAE, Germany, France, and Australia.

black galaxy granite exporter

Whether you are an architect, construction contractor, builder, natural stone seller, or even a homeowner, India is known to be a hotbed of granite production.

Now, let’s take a look at the following 5 popular black granite variants from India that have been trending in the UK.

5 Popular Indian Black Granites Trending in the UK

Black Galaxy Granite

The first on the list is Black Galaxy Granite, which always remains the most preferred choice for granite countertops. Due to its amazing visual characteristics, premium looks, amazing durability, and superb scratch resistance, black granite always remains a hot choice among all. Fortunately, it can be obtained in almost any quantity from Indian granite suppliers, and that too at the most competitive rates.


Black Galaxy Granite Countertop

Featuring gold and white flecks on a glossy black backdrop, Black Galaxy Granite gives a mesmerizing look to any space. Apart from granite countertops, this granite is also used in floors, walls, staircases, window sills, and mosaics. The best thing is that it comes in both standard and custom dimensions like rough blocks, gangsaw slabs, cutter slabs, tiles, and others.

Moreover, it comes in all trending finishes like flamed, polished, lepatora, honed, brushed, bush-hammered, and leather, etc.

Absolute Black Granite

Another popular black granite from India is Absolute Black Granite, which is also known as Nero Assoluto India Granite, Super Black Granite, Premium Black Granite, Absolute Black India Granite, India Black Granite, Absolut Black Granite, and Black Absolute Granite.

Absolute Black granite countertop with white cabinets

Absolute Black Granite Countertop

Quarried in South India, this black granite has a pure black texture. This stone is an ideal choice for worktops, backsplashes, thresholds, fireplace surround, countertops, and flooring.

Be it a commercial project or a residential one, the stone is known to exhibit superb performance against adverse elements including harsh weather and daily wear and tear. Absolute Black Granite is one of the most widely imported granite stones in the UK.

Black Pearl Granite

This black granite is also quarried in South India and exporter to various parts of the world. The stone boasts a subtle color tone with speckles of silver, black, golden, brown, and grey.  Available in all standard and custom sizes, this black Indian granite always emerges as a popular choice among B2B stone buyers in the UK, USA, and Australia.

Black Granite Kitchen Counter top maintenance

Black Pearl Granite Countertop

Its major applications are flooring, countertops, wall, fountains, and others. With so many granite exporters in India, getting the best quality Black Pearl Granite is no big deal.

Black Marcino Granite

A versatile black Indian granite that is extremely popular all over the world. It is a perfect natural stone for applications like flooring, walls, countertops, staircases, fountains, and others. Featuring a black surface with white and beige-color veins running over it, the black granite resembles the look of a tiger skin or an owl.

There are many granite suppliers in India that claim to meet any kind of need in an outstanding manner. Make sure you pick an experienced and reliable granite supplier that has been providing quality granite slabs for quite a few years.

Black Premium Granite


Black Premium Granite Countertop

The next on the list is Black Premium Granite which is quite a popular choice among UK homeowners and construction contractors. Easily available in India, this black granite comes in various finishes like polished, lepatora, flamed, honed, bush-hammered, brushed, and leather.

Be it any quantity, size, and finish, the leading granite exporters from India are able to fulfil all types of requirements. This granite features a plain black color tone which exhibits uniformity and consistency. However, the level of grandeur this granite reflects is completely second to none.


For ages, India has been known to be a leading supplier of a wide range of natural stones like granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, quartzite, and others. The granite variants found in India are of superior quality and finish as compared to their Chinese counterparts.

With a large number of granite suppliers and exporters available in India, it is necessary to do the proper research and product sample checking before giving any order.