RGI – Disclaimer

1) Information on Our Website (www.regattagranitesindia.com): We have sincerely attempted to put every piece of information on our website as precisely as possible. However, if any mistake has been made, it is completely inadvertent and not intentional by any means. Kindly inform us if you find any such instance so that we can do the necessary corrections as soon as possible.

2) Quality: We attempt to supply and export the best quality products. Nevertheless, the stone is a natural product and no two pieces are exactly the same. The variation that you see in color and texture is a natural phenomenon. In this regard, we obtain approval of the samples from the customers before shipping. Even the delivered product might vary to some extent from the approved sample and customers are required to understand this fact.

3) Packaging: All packing is done properly in strong containers, so as to confirm that products get delivered to customers safely. Photos are sent to the buyers before dispatch and their approval is further obtained. Despite taking all necessary precautions, there may be an isolated incident, where breakage can occur due to multiple handling of packages along the way. In such cases, Regatta Granites India does not accept claims but supports customers with insurance coverage.

4) Delivery: Normally the deliveries are on time, but rare instances of delayed deliveries may occur due to situations like natural calamities (flood, heavy rain, storm, etc.) or civil problems (strike, civic unrest, shut down of ports, etc.). In such cases, customers are immediately made aware of the situation and Regatta Granites India does not entertain any claim arising out of such delays.

5) Availability of Material: Stone is a natural product and sometimes quarries get exhausted. Hence, the possibility of unavailability of one or a few colors may arise at a particular point in time. However, we regularly keep our customers informed of such situations.