How to check the quality of Black Galaxy Granite?

When it comes to determining the most popular black granites, Black Galaxy Granite appears on the top. Due to its extreme level of versatility, durability, and stunning looks, this granite remains the most preferred choice among architects, construction contractors, builders, and homeowners. The stone carries an inherent visual appeal that gives a royal touch to […]

Stone of the month: Thunder White Granite

Also known by the name of White Thunder Granite, Thunder White Granite is one of the popular granite stones all across the world, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. This natural stone features subtle greys and garnets dispersed across its white base. It is sturdier, versatile, beautiful, and most importantly gels feasibly […]

Popular ASTM International Standards for Granite Testing

Popularly called ASTM International, “American Society for Testing and Materials”, ASTM refers to a creator of international controlled accord standards.  ASTM standards are released by committees of significant industry experts who meet and discuss routinely in an open and transparent process to prepare quality standards, testing methodologies, qualifications, guides, and practices. The use of ASTM […]

Latest Trends in Natural Stone for 2021

At a time when the world has been reeling under the devastating impact of coronavirus, all industrial sectors got affected due to the global economic slowdown and home decor is also one of the hugely affected sectors. Due to the high level of uncertainty prevailing globally, people were unable to spend money on home décor. […]

The Importance of Quality Control in Granite Industry

The use of natural stones like granite is quite prevalent in both residential and commercial building construction due to the amazing look and sturdiness the stone offers. Apart from this, granite’s ability to resist regular wear and tear like scratches, chips, stains makes it a great choice in the architectural landscape. Though different types of […]

How Environmentally Sustainable Is Granite?

With more and more people become aware of green building concepts, the demand for eco-friendly products has witnessed a sharp increase. The core concept is to reduce the carbon footprints which is the topmost priority today among architects, homeowners, builders, and construction contractors. This is because adopting green building concepts is found to considerably reduce […]

Why Americans are so obsessed with granite countertops?

Though the use of granite in various architectural applications is quite common, the natural stone is found to be amazingly popular among Americans for its use in countertops. According to the latest study (NAHB), it has been discovered that granite is the most popular countertop material despite the availability of numerous materials at present. In […]

Dark Color Granites for a Timeless and Stylish Visual Appeal

One of the primary reasons behind the increasing popularity of granite stone is its diversity in terms of colors and design patterns. Use it in countertops, backsplashes, or any other area, their nature-kissed hues always lend an eclectic environment everywhere. Though granite comes in various colors, dark-color granite usually remains a favorite among builders, homeowners, […]

Stone of the month: Hassan Green Granite

Known by different names like Dumgere Green Granite, SR Green Granite, Verde Star, Hasan Green Granite, Verde India Granite, and Indian Green Granite, this granite stone is a perfect choice for a wide range of applications like countertops, vanity tops, stairs, flooring, and wall cladding. Due to its amazing strength and low-maintenance properties, this granite […]

Granite: One Name, Many Interpretations

Do you know granite is referred as different names in the stone industry? But, as per the geologists, granite is one particular type of stone that can be classified in different terms given the geological interpretation. For a geologist, granite is defined as a light-hued, coarse-grained igneous rock. That’s why you may find a geologist […]

Stone of the month: Ivory Brown Granite

Though India is known to have a large number of granite stones that are used worldwide for a range of applications, there are many granite variants that boast amazing beauty and versatility. Apart from being a tough material, Ivory Brown Granite is also known for its unparalleled beauty and durability. In this post, let’s delve […]

Geographical Distribution of Granite Stone in India

India is known to have a rich abundance of granite deposits and other natural stones. In fact, it is considered one of the leading granite exporters in the world. Experts claim that there are over 100 different varieties of granites found in the country that vary distinctively in their color and texture. These stones are […]

Stone of the month: Colombo Juprana Granite

Widely known for its beige and grey-colored pattern, Colombo Juprana Granite is one of the highly exported granite stones from India. Sourced from the Southern part of the Indian subcontinent, this granite comes in diverse sizes, finishes, and patterns. Let’s explore more about this Indian granite. Among various construction materials available today, granite is considered […]

Life cycle assessment of granite stone

Whenever it comes to determining the most widely used materials for construction, granite always finds a place in the list. For ages, granite has been used in the construction industry. And the most remarkable thing about this natural stone is its hardness, longevity, and design that entices onlookers like nothing else.  Being a widely used […]

Want to import granite to the UK? Here is how to do it.

Are you a construction contractor, landscaper, interior designer, or builder looking to import granite, marble, or any other natural stone to the UK? If yes, it is necessary for you to keep certain things in mind in order to ensure a smoother and valuable process. Often measured the aristocrat of construction materials, the stone is […]

Unravelling the truth about granite and radiation

Granite is a popular natural stone used for a wide range of construction applications. Many people think that granite tends to contain some kind of radioactivity while many completely ignore this declaration. However, it is necessary to know the truth as granite has been used in almost every construction, big or small, residential or commercial. […]

Stone of the month: Platinum White Granite

Popular for its unbiased tone and elusive looks, Platinum White Granite is a leading white Indian granite that brings a calming effect to the surroundings. Available in multiple sizes and finishes, this Indian granite can be feasibly used on kitchen countertops, tabletops, wall cladding, and elevator panels.  The use of stones in construction is nothing […]

Upcoming Natural Stone Trade Fairs in 2021

In the prevailing era of digital business marketing, the importance of trade fairs and exhibitions can’t be overlooked. They provide a great opportunity for both startups and established businesses to reach out to a large audience and other businesses and push their marketing efforts. In the natural stone industry, many international trade fairs are organized […]

Different granite finishes and their applications

Granite has been widely used as a construction material for many years. It is one of the primogenital and most durable materials available and known to upgrade the aesthetics and functionality of the space in which it is installed. Due to its exemplary technical performance and stunning looks, it remains a material of choice for […]

Stone of the month: Black Marine Granite

Black granite offers a perfect amalgamation of iridescent looks and amazing durability. It is widely used across various construction projects to make a powerful statement. Among various black-color granites available today, Black Marine Granite is an excellent granite stone in India for both residential and commercial décor projects. Diverse applications; one choice: Black Marine Granite […]

How to Differentiate Between Different Grades of Granite

With over 300 varieties available worldwide, Granite is a popular natural stone for a range of interior and exterior construction applications among architects, contractors, and interior designers. High durability, great appearance, dynamic design patterns, superb weather-resistance, hardness, freshness, crack-resistance, and low-maintenance are some of the features that make it a stone of choice for today’s […]

Indian White Granites to Liven Up Any Space

Granite has always been a mainstay in the global construction industry. Among various natural stones available today for both commercial as well as residential applications, granite tops the chart due to many reasons. From intricate designs, wide-ranging colors to high durability, versatility, and low maintenance, there are lots of pluses that give granite a winning […]

Stone of the Month: Imperial White Granite

Undoubtedly, granite is an ideal material for the construction industry. A large number of people prefer to have white granite for different domestic and commercial applications. Thanks to the physical and chemical properties of the granite stone product. When it comes to having a superb white granite product for various construction projects, imperial white granite […]

Amba White Granite: A Natural Stone that Matters

Granite has been around us for decades. It is a big fit for all sorts of commercial and residential construction projects. Among different granite colors, white granite makes a big difference when it comes to floors, walls, vanity tops, and countertops. It redefines the living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Moreover, a white granite hue with […]

Mechanical Properties of a Granite Product

Granite is the best-known igneous rock available at the surface of Earth. From countertops to walls and from floors to vanitytops, granite is used in daily life all around us. It is widely used in the form of slabs, tiles, countertops, backsplashes, etc. It is chemical and physical properties of granite that make it the […]

Stone of the Month – Alaska Gold Granite

In the list of granite colors, a golden-hued blue granite catches all eyes. When it comes to picking up a unique granite variant that looks good in all living spaces, Alaska gold granite coming from South India makes its presence felt. In south India, it is Karnataka where golden granite is quarried and processed. With […]

Stone of the Month – Blue Dunes Granite

Interestingly, blue granite is considered one of the most expensive granite stones universally. When it comes to getting unique variants in blue colors, granite comes with a blue and black base. In the secondary color option, blue can be a good combination with whites, grays, browns, and other shades of blue. Countries like Africa, Norway, […]

Gangsaw Slabs – Stone Dimension Introduced

The process of making a slab product starts with the quarrying of giant blocks at granite quarries and ends with the cutting of stone blocks into slabs using stone block cutting machine (gang saw) at granite factories. Generally, stone blocks are sold unfinished and rough. On the other hand, some slabs are sold finished and […]

Stone of the Month – Coffee Brown Granite

Granite is a wonderful natural stone used for different residential and commercial construction projects. Thanks to its chemical and physical properties that make the stone first choice of all. Being durable, beautiful, and anti-weather, granite in different colors makes a big difference. When it comes to choosing a particular granite stone from the long list […]

Exclusive and Modish New Imperial Granite Colors

There are lots of colorful granite stone products available in the competitive market. From quarries to stone factories and granite showroom to your living space, a granite product passes through several stages. Amongst a large number of granite stone colors, imperial granite emerges as a versatile granite that easily fits into your kitchen, bathroom, or […]

Unique Blue Granite Tile for a Cooling Effect

Blue granite produces a calming effect and amazes onlookers with its unique texture, uneven veins, uniform structure, and enticing patterns. This color simply gives a new meaning to secondary hues (white, black, brown, and gray). Granite tiles in square and rectangular shapes are one of the most popular décor and construction materials available in different […]

White Granite Choices to Match or Contrast Any Décor

In the long list of colorful granite options, white granite is the most desirable granite color for garnering any domestic and commercial space for many reasons. With incredible looks, color pattern, and texture, stylish white-hued and toned granite matches or contrasts any décor. When it comes to having beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance in […]

Stone of the Month – Alaska White Granite

In the list of Indian white granite stones, Alaska White granite is an outstanding stone with light backdrop coloring and warm hues. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor construction activities, this stone is widely used for floors, walls, countertops, vanitytops, etc. Although Alaska white is an expensive granite product, yet the features of beauty, flexibility, […]

Stone of the Month – Lavender Blue Granite

Indian lavender blue is a popular granite stone quarried from blue granite quarries and processed at Eastern and South Indian granite factories. It is one of the much demanded exquisite granite stone products with loads of inherent physical and chemical properties. This stone needs minimal care polish and maintain the color. With superb tones and […]

India: The Leading Granite Stone Exporter in Asia

India has been a great business hub for granite buying and selling activities for decades. IndexBox, a popular market researcher, shares some key findings on the status of granite import and export in its new report on natural stone market analysis, forecast, and insights. Based on this report, it is predicted why the Indian granite […]

Stone of the Month – Impala Black Granite

Black granite simply allures everyone with its gleam and perfection. That is why granite is one of the most used construction materials for commercial and residential projects. Aesthetics, unique look, durability, and performance are the keywords that declare why black granite is the first choice of all. When it comes to picking up a particular […]

The ABC of Granite Quality Grades for Granite Buyers

A large number of consumers don’t have any idea about the classification of different sorts of granite available in the competitive market. B2B buyers are well aware of the grades of granite and they purchase granite products as per their commercial needs. There are different levels of granite and each grade is quite different from […]

Unique Brown Granite Countertops for Rustic Style Kitchens

Multiple granite colors, especially brown granite, are a superb option for having a contemporary architecture at construction projects. Thanks to the unmatched physical properties of brown granite such as stain-proof, pill-proof and anti-weather. Brown granite countertops of different sizes are a good choice for rustic style kitchens. It is nothing but the veined surface of […]

Stone of the Month: Moon White Granite

A variety of granite colors have always been a matter of great interest to all granite lovers. Among them, go-to-white colors continue to entice all designers and homeowners who prefer style and aestheticism mounted on a superb stone surface.Mesmerizing appearance and great durability are two features that turn all heads towhite granite stone. Moon white […]

B2B Buyers, Know Your Ethical Granite Company

Today, ethical sourcing has become a buzzword in the competitive world, and there is an increasing demand for ethically produced products. Like other sectors, the natural stone industry also prefers to follow some ethics that display the social image of any natural stone brand. An ethical granite company firmly owns the responsibility to defend the […]

Hassle-free Transportation with Granite Packing

Manufacturers and processors of granite stone products understand the value of safe and secure packing. 100% protection of the granite stone is vital for hassle-free transportation. It ensures no breakage and scratches to packed stone. Moreover, it protects from water and acid damage. That is why commercial packing matters the most. When it comes to […]

Top 7 Trendy and Attractive Light Colored Granite

Despite rapidly changing interior trends, granite has successfully maintained its strong popularity for decades. Thanks to granite’s durable nature and timeless appearance. When it comes to perfection, finish, and versatility, light colored granite products elevate all classic and contemporary designs. Interestingly, people welcome light and bright granite colors for their attractive features and immense benefits. […]

Granite Quality Testing: Standard and Norms

With a sharp increase in granite demand at local, national, and international level, the factor of quality testing has become a prime concern for both buyers and sellers. There are a few granite quality testing processes at the national and international level that assay the quality of a granite product ready to be sold in […]

Granite quarries in India yield top quality stone products

With active ground and underground quarrying operations in Northern and Southern areas, granite quarries in India produce top quality stone products. Indian granite manufacturers extract various colorful granite blocks, using modern natural stone quarrying processes and techniques. Find here what Indian granite quarries have in their bags for natural stone aficionados. Generally, an open-cast mine […]

Stylish granite colors with unique features from India

Colorful granite, the most ancient building material, has been a preferred stone for indoor and outdoor construction projects for many decades. With superb color variation and modern stone processing techniques, Indian granite suppliers cater to the needs of global granite buyers. Find here an assortment of top and unique Indian granite colors making India a […]