Exclusive and Modish New Imperial Granite Colors

There are lots of colorful granite stone products available in the competitive market. From quarries to stone factories and granite showroom to your living space, a granite product passes through several stages. Amongst a large number of granite stone colors, imperial granite emerges as a versatile granite that easily fits into your kitchen, bathroom, or […]

Unique Blue Granite Tile for a Cooling Effect

Blue granite produces a calming effect and amazes onlookers with its unique texture, uneven veins, uniform structure, and enticing patterns. This color simply gives a new meaning to secondary hues (white, black, brown, and gray). Granite tiles in square and rectangular shapes are one of the most popular décor and construction materials available in different […]

White Granite Choices to Match or Contrast Any Décor

In the long list of colorful granite options, white granite is the most desirable granite color for garnering any domestic and commercial space for many reasons. With incredible looks, color pattern, and texture, stylish white-hued and toned granite matches or contrasts any décor. When it comes to having beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance in […]

Stone of the Month – Alaska White Granite

In the list of Indian white granite stones, Alaska White granite is an outstanding stone with light backdrop coloring and warm hues. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor construction activities, this stone is widely used for floors, walls, countertops, vanitytops, etc. Although Alaska white is an expensive granite product, yet the features of beauty, flexibility, […]

Stone of the Month – Lavender Blue Granite

Indian lavender blue is a popular granite stone quarried from blue granite quarries and processed at Eastern and South Indian granite factories. It is one of the much demanded exquisite granite stone products with loads of inherent physical and chemical properties. This stone needs minimal care polish and maintain the color. With superb tones and […]

India: The Leading Granite Stone Exporter in Asia

India has been a great business hub for granite buying and selling activities for decades. IndexBox, a popular market researcher, shares some key findings on the status of granite import and export in its new report on natural stone market analysis, forecast, and insights. Based on this report, it is predicted why the Indian granite […]

Stone of the Month – Impala Black Granite

Black granite simply allures everyone with its gleam and perfection. That is why granite is one of the most used construction materials for commercial and residential projects. Aesthetics, unique look, durability, and performance are the keywords that declare why black granite is the first choice of all. When it comes to picking up a particular […]

The ABC of Granite Quality Grades for Granite Buyers

A large number of consumers don’t have any idea about the classification of different sorts of granite available in the competitive market. B2B buyers are well aware of the grades of granite and they purchase granite products as per their commercial needs. There are different levels of granite and each grade is quite different from […]

Unique Brown Granite Countertops for Rustic Style Kitchens

Multiple granite colors, especially brown granite, are a superb option for having a contemporary architecture at construction projects. Thanks to the unmatched physical properties of brown granite such as stain-proof, pill-proof and anti-weather. Brown granite countertops of different sizes are a good choice for rustic style kitchens. It is nothing but the veined surface of […]

Stone of the Month: Moon White Granite

A variety of granite colors have always been a matter of great interest to all granite lovers. Among them, go-to-white colors continue to entice all designers and homeowners who prefer style and aestheticism mounted on a superb stone surface.Mesmerizing appearance and great durability are two features that turn all heads towhite granite stone. Moon white […]

B2B Buyers, Know Your Ethical Granite Company

Today, ethical sourcing has become a buzzword in the competitive world, and there is an increasing demand for ethically produced products. Like other sectors, the natural stone industry also prefers to follow some ethics that display the social image of any natural stone brand. An ethical granite company firmly owns the responsibility to defend the […]

Hassle-free Transportation with Granite Packing

Manufacturers and processors of granite stone products understand the value of safe and secure packing. 100% protection of the granite stone is vital for hassle-free transportation. It ensures no breakage and scratches to packed stone. Moreover, it protects from water and acid damage. That is why commercial packing matters the most. When it comes to […]

Top 7 Trendy and Attractive Light Colored Granite

Despite rapidly changing interior trends, granite has successfully maintained its strong popularity for decades. Thanks to granite’s durable nature and timeless appearance. When it comes to perfection, finish, and versatility, light colored granite products elevate all classic and contemporary designs. Interestingly, people welcome light and bright granite colors for their attractive features and immense benefits. […]

Granite Quality Testing: Standard and Norms

With a sharp increase in granite demand at local, national, and international level, the factor of quality testing has become a prime concern for both buyers and sellers. There are a few granite quality testing processes at the national and international level that assay the quality of a granite product ready to be sold in […]

Granite quarries in India yield top quality stone products

With active ground and underground quarrying operations in Northern and Southern areas, granite quarries in India produce top quality stone products. Indian granite manufacturers extract various colorful granite blocks, using modern natural stone quarrying processes and techniques. Find here what Indian granite quarries have in their bags for natural stone aficionados. Generally, an open-cast mine […]

Stylish granite colors with unique features from India

Colorful granite, the most ancient building material, has been a preferred stone for indoor and outdoor construction projects for many decades. With superb color variation and modern stone processing techniques, Indian granite suppliers cater to the needs of global granite buyers. Find here an assortment of top and unique Indian granite colors making India a […]

Indian vs Brazil yellow granite: An open comparison

Both India and Brazil are one of the top granite producing and  exporting countries, heavily involved in the process of granite manufacturing, exporting, quarrying, and supplying.  It is said that India is the largest producer of granite blocks and Brazil is the biggest manufacturer of granite slabs. Both of the countries offer finished slabs, tiles, […]

Top ten factors that influence granite price

Nowadays, granite has become a part and parcel of every modern home due to its covetous style, colors, and inherent features. Being easy to maintain and beautiful appearance, granite is preferred by all homeowners, masons, stone engineers, and contractors in all parts of the world. When it comes to buying this superb stone in various […]

Stone of the month – Tan brown granite

Global brown granite buyers rush to India to get timely and proper assistance from Indian brown granite suppliers for having high quality tan brown products extracted from Indian granite quarries in South India. Tan brown granite quarries produce rough and unfinished granite blocks that are split into tiles and slabs at Indian natural stone processing […]

Popular Granite Colors that Remain Young Forever

If you understand a color wheel, you are more likely to decode color basics. It depicts relevant relationships between three types of primary, secondary, and intermediate colors. Moreover, this wheel puts light upon how color temperature is determined. The color temperature shows warm, cool, and neutral colors. In primary colors, there are red, yellow, and blue. […]

Granite slabs rendering innovative surface solutions to accommodate any project

“Granite is a highly popular natural stone product known for its durability, strength, and heat-resistant ability.” A large number of construction projects are accomplished with the usage of this natural stone product. When you need to add more gleam and perfection to driveway, kitchen, kitchen counters, wardrobes, flooring, steps, and countertops, granite simply commits innovative […]

Topmost South Indian Granite Colors for Home Decor

India is a mineral-rich country and it has hundreds of granite reserves found in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. That is why there is no shortage of hundreds of Indian granite colors and shades available at granite stone exporters and suppliers. Primarily, Indian granite can be easily divided into Northern granite and Southern […]

New Kashmir White granite countertops for a stylish accent

Source : Goolge Quarried from southern India, the world-famous Kashmir White granite is in a reasonably high demand. Known by different names, such Bianco Kashmere White, Cachemire White, Cashemire White, Cashmeere White, Cashmere White, Cashmire White, Casmire White, Kaishmir White, Kaschmire White, Kashimir White, Kashmir Weiss, Kasmiere White, or WG204, this stone is quarried near […]

How Granite Gets Different Colors?

In the construction realm, granite is widely considered as the best natural material for interior as well as exterior designing. While the major credit goes to that its impeccable physical properties, the availability of myriad granite colors and shades do have a role behind its worldwide popularity. Interestingly, the availability of different granite colors is […]

How to Make Effective Granite Cleaner at Home?

Just like every natural stone, granite needs good care and maintenance. Not only does this preserve the new look of granite installations, but extends their life as well. Periodically cleaning natural granite floor tiles using granite cleaners is unarguably an essential aspect of complete granite care regimen. So, when it comes to granite cleaning, what […]

Mother Nature isn’t factory-perfect; Check granite imperfections before buying

The rising popularity of granite among rich Americans has opened new ways for granite wholesalers and producers. Granite is highly used for bath vanities, backsplashes, countertops, outdoor kitchens, shower surrounds, specialty sinks, table, desktops, tub decks, fireplace surrounds, mantles, and hearths. Even with lots of merits, a stone may come with some flaws. When you detect any […]

Spa-inspired floor tiles for a stylish bath

Granite is a hard-wearing and versatile material and this quality makes it a suitable choice for bathroom walls and flooring applications. All of us know that countertops made of granite tiles are excellent and they also add no additional burden to your pockets. If you can compare granite tiles with marble or sandstone tiles, you will find […]

Is Bigger Granite Kitchen Island a Better Choice?

At the very first glance, this might seem tricky, but fortunately, that is not the actual case! Undeniably, granite slabs are one of the most used natural stones inside kitchens, nearly in every corner of the world. Either you can lay them on your kitchen floor, or use it to create kitchen countertops or backsplashes; any which way, […]