The use of granite has become quite prevalent in the construction sector. Whether it is about sprucing up the outdoors of a building, laying floors in a luxury hotel, carpeting huge floors at an airport, preparing countertops for kitchen, or anything, granite’s exceptional durability makes it the most preferred natural stone in the industry today. And, another plus with granite is that it comes in a wide range of colors and surface patterns which means your architectural wishes can easily be fulfilled with granite stone.

Since granite is a natural stone, it is not omnipresent. There are certain regions in the world where high quality granite is extracted from the belly of Mother Earth and processed in several phases. Granite is taken out from the earth through granite quarries. India is one region where a majority of granite quarries are present. 


This is why Indian granite exporters supply top quality granite articles to construction companies, architects, granite wholesalers, suppliers and others all across the world.

What makes India the largest exporter of granite in the world?

India is indeed one of the largest exporters of granite in the world. Several factors contribute to India’s prominence in the global granite market:

  • Abundant Reserves: India possesses vast and diverse reserves of granite, with different regions of the country having deposits of various colors and patterns. This diversity allows India to cater to a wide range of preferences in the international market.
  • Variety of Granite Types: India offers a wide variety of granite types, including black, white, brown, and colored varieties. This diversity enables the country to meet the demand for different aesthetic preferences and functional applications in construction and other industries.
  • Skilled Workforce: India has a skilled and cost-effective workforce in the granite industry. Skilled artisans and workers contribute to the extraction, processing, and finishing of granite, making Indian granite products competitive in the global market.
  • Technological Advancements: The Indian granite industry has embraced modern technologies for quarrying, processing, and finishing granite products. This has enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved the overall quality of Indian granite, making it more attractive to international buyers.
  • Competitive Pricing: India is known for offering granite at competitive prices compared to some other countries. This competitive pricing, combined with the quality of granite, has made Indian granite a preferred choice for many international buyers.
  • Government Policies: The Indian government has been supportive of the natural stone industry, implementing policies that facilitate quarrying, processing, and export. This support helps the industry remain competitive on the global stage.
  • Global Demand: The worldwide demand for granite has been increasing due to its versatile applications in construction, monuments, and interior decoration. India’s ability to meet this demand has contributed to its position as a leading exporter.

It’s important to note that the dynamics of the granite industry may change over time due to various factors, such as economic conditions, technological advancements, and changes in global demand.

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What is a granite exporter?

A granite exporter refers to a business entity that is primarily involved in the exports of granite blocks, countertops, slabs, tiles, monuments, and other custom granite products. There are numerous granite exporters in India that supply all popular Indian granite stones to all types of B2B granite importers, construction companies, and others.

Things To Consider While Selecting A Granite Exporter

If you are looking to associate with a granite exporter in India, the decision should not be taken uprightly. Instead, there must be proper research at the backend so that you end up getting one of the genuine and reliable granite manufacturers and exporters for your granite-related needs. Since, this is going to be cross-country deal, everything should be on the right side to avoid any mishap or miscommunication. The best way to do this is to determine the authenticity of the granite company you are supposing to deal with. Let’s explain a few things that need your deliberation while choosing a granite manufacturer or exporter from India.

1. Trade Name and Presence

The first thing to check is the exact trade name and its existence in the said country. This is because all the research will be based on this name only. Make sure that the chosen granite exporter has a proper trade name and logo. You can do thorough research on this name on the internet and compare the information provided by different sources. From financial documents like invoices to website, trade profiles, certificates, there should be a common business name across all touch points. This is very important as if you find any kind of discrepancy in the usage of name, it is surely a red alert. Either pause the deal or seek clarification from the business for this before you take any step further.

2. Certificate

One proven way to ascertain the authenticity and prevalence of a granite exporter is to look at the business and quality certificate the exporter has. For example, Regatta Granites India has a wide range of certificates like ISO certification, CE certificate, CDOS certificate, D-B certificate, AIGS certificate, CAPEXIL certificate, and others. These certificates are meant to testify the exporter’s truthfulness and commitment towards their business.

3. Factories

Since granite comes from the earth’s surface in granite quarries, it needs to be processed thoroughly at dedicated granite processing units or factories. Make sure the chosen granite manufacturer or exporter has all the state-of-the-art granite processing machinery and equipment. Some of these equipment can be block cutters, slab polishing machine, calibration machine, tumblers, and others. Take a thorough look at these machines before you submit an order with the granite exporter or manufacturer.

4. Testimonials

Feedback is an important aspect of any successful business activity. All major granite exporters in India who deal with foreign clients always ask them to leave a feedback on the overall quality of the service provided to them. You can check the testimonials of the granite exporter on its website or search the internet to gain more insights on the brand’s value in the industry.

5. Testing Report

Granite is a natural products and it is known to the hardest material after diamond. There are different types of tests that are done by granite dealers these days to determine the authenticity of the granite stone. You can ask for sample stone test reports to check what quality of products the exporter has on offer.

6. Product Range

Last but not the least, the thing that is undoubtedly the most important element to consider while finalizing a granite exporter is the product range being offered. A reputed and reliable exporter would always love to feature an extended variety of granite products to its buyers. On the other hands, a small business may have a limited variety of offerings. In today’s digital age, knowing this is very easy and most of them feature it right on their website.

Most popular granite colors
Most popular granite colors

The Conclusion

Be it any kind of project – residential or commercial, choosing the right granite stone for the same is very essential. At a time when there are hundreds of granite manufacturers and exporters available to choose from, it is necessary that you do thorough research before choosing a particular one. You can do both online and offline research to ascertain the truthfulness of the business.