Granite Gangsaw Slab Exporter From India

Regatta Granites India, one of the largest suppliers and exporters of granite gangsaw slabs in India, offers granite gangsaw slabs in multiple finishes, colors and dimensions. At Regatta Granites India, customers can choose Indian granite gangsaw slabs both in standard and customized dimensions.

Granite gangsaw slabs are basically very large slabs that are cut directly from stone blocks with the help of a gangsaw machine. The advantage of preparing these large slabs is that they can be further cut, carved and processed to produce the desired product in different finishes. As per the requirement, these large slabs undergo various treatments like grinding, polishing or flaming to obtain the desired texture.

Since granite is a natural stone that bears high resistance towards, abrasion, temperature, pressure and water, it is widely used in interior and exterior decoration as well as landscape design projects. Granite gangsaw slabs can be used for flooring in hallways and foyers, and creating staircases, countertops, sinks, wall cladding, railings, windowsills and monuments.