What are the different granite products?

In various shades, patterns and finishes, granites from North and South India are available in the forms of tiles, slabs and blocks. Available in standard dimensions, granite products can be customized for size and thickness as per the requirement and application needs. Granite tombstones and monuments are also available (Kindly visit the “Granite Monuments” sub-category in the “Product” section of our website).

Where can I see all the colors of granites that Regatta sells?

Customers can see and get information on granite colours offered by Regatta Universal Exports on its website: www.regattagranitesindia.com. For queries, mail us to info@regattaexports.com or dial +91-120-4736000/4736022 to request for a catalogue.

What is a commercial grade granite?

The lowest grade of granite is Level 1, sometimes known as "entry-level" granite. Additionally, we may refer to it as "commercial-grade" or "builder-grade". Pre-fabrication refers to the manufacture of this bottom stratum of granite, which occurs before a recognized use.

How are granite countertops made?

Large pieces of stone are the first step in the fabrication of a granite countertop. These substantial pieces are mined and then chopped into blocks. Then, using specialised saws, the blocks are cut into slabs. To guarantee that their natural order can be preserved, each slab is given a number. Diamonds are used to polish the slab's one side, revealing a distinctive and eye-catching surface. Granite slabs are cut to specific sizes using big saws with diamond-coated blades. Granite that has been cut has unpolished, but smooth, edges. Small hand-held stone routers or enormous computerised stone routers known as CNC machines are used to smooth these edges. Additionally, the granite is cut into edge designs like waterfall, ogee, bullnose, and others using these routers.

Does Regatta have granite manufacturing capabilities?

Yes, we have two in-house granite manufacturing facilities – one in Bundi, Rajasthan (North India) and another one in Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh (South India). Being one of the top granite manufacturers in India, we have some of the most advanced natural stone processing machines including jump granite gansaws, automatic slab polishers, epoxy and flaming machines, calibration machine, edge cutting machine, block cutters, CNC machine, and others.

Can you put North Indian and South Indian granites in one container?

Practically, it is much difficult to do so. This is because of the large distance between North Indian and South Indian granite quarries. We would recommend to put both types of granite in separate containers.

Are the colors on the website a true representation of the actual material?

Photographical representations of the product may vary due to light source, monitor settings and also, because of the fact that only a small part of the sample slab is visible on the website. However, customers can ask for the photographs of the original slab from our sales team.

What finishes are available on granites apart from the polished finish?

Granite products are available in a number of finishes that include honed, flamed, flamed + brushed, leather finish, lapatora and sandblasted.

How can I be sure of good performance and service from Regatta?

You can be assured of Regatta’s dedicated performance and customer service by getting contact details of our existing customers in different parts of the world. This way, you can personally communicate with them to learn about our work and product quality as well as reliability and professionalism.

How much weight we can load in a container?

Weight loading specifications vary from country to country. For example, maximum container weight allowed in Europe is 27 tonnes, whereas it is 21 tonnes in the US.

How many square meters (m2) can we load in a container?

For 27-tonne container: 2 cm – 400 m2 3 cm – 300m2 For 21-tonne container: 2 cm – 300m2 3cm = 220m2

Is the container insured and with whom?

Yes, containers are insured with an insurance company. It is done by Regatta on your behalf.

Where are granite stones available in India?

Granites are available in North as well as South India. Major North Indian states that are rich in granite deposits are Rajasthan, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, whereas Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are South Indian states that have abundant reserves of granite.

How long does the overall shipping take?

Mostly, ready-to-be-shipped stock is available. The packing, port transfer and port formalities take around 10 days. Further, sea transportation takes a period of 25-30 days; hence the total time for shipping varies between 35-40 days.

What is the delivery period?

Generally 30 days on ship.