Q. Where are granites available in India?
A. Granites are available in North as well as South India. Major North Indian states that are rich in granite deposits are Rajasthan, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, whereas Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are South Indian states that have abundant reserves of granite.
Q. Can we combine North and South Indian granites?
A. Practically this is not feasible, because of huge distance between quarrying and processing centers of North and South India. The high transportation cost of granite from the North to the South or vice versa might lead to overall increase in the product cost. To avoid this, separate containers for North and South India granite variants are made.
Q. What are the different granite products?
A. In various shades, patterns and finishes, granites from North and South India are available in the forms of tiles, slabs and blocks. Available in standard dimensions, granite products can be customized for size and thickness as per the requirement and application needs. Granite tombstones and monuments are also available (Kindly visit the “Granite Monuments” sub-category in the “Product” section of our website).

Q. Where can I see all the colors of granites that Regatta sells?
A. Customers can see and get information on granite colours offered by Regatta Universal Exports on its website: www.regattagranitesindia.com. For queries, mail us to info@regattaexports.com or dial +91-120-4736000/4736022 to request for a catalogue.
Q. Can I mix different colors in one container?
A. Yes, this is possible, but with a few limitations. Granite variants with different colors occurring within a particular region can be clubbed, but from different regions may result in high transportation cost, which would reflect in the final price of the product; hence not feasible.

For customers’ convenience, we have defined what all can be combined from different zones within South and North India.

South India:

Area 1: Tan brown, Coffee Brown, Sapphire Brown

Area 2: Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Steel Grey, Absolute Black, Moon White, Classic White

Area 3: Red Multicolor, Kuppam Green, Viscont White, Indian Juprana, Bash Paradiso, Classic Paradiso, Colomobo Juprana, Himalayan Blue, Absolute Black, Jet Black, Hassan Green, Classic Brown

Area 4: Colonial White, New Kashmir White, Meera White, Shivakashi, Ivory Brown, Ivory Chiffon, Meera White

North India:

Area 1: Imperial Red, Jhansi Red

Area 2: Platinum White, Mokalsar green, Crystal Yellow, Rosy Pink, Chima Pink, Desert Brown, Desert Gold, Merry Gold, Apple Green, Rajasthan Black

Q. Are the colors on the website a true representation of the actual material?
A. Photographical representations of the product may vary due to light source, monitor settings and also, because of the fact that only a small part of the sample slab is visible on the website. However, customers can ask for the photographs of the original slab from our sales team.
Q. What finishes are available on granites apart from the polished finish?
A. Granite products are available in a number of finishes that include honed, flamed, flamed + brushed, leather finish, lapatora and sandblasted.
Q. How much weight we can load in a container?
A. Weight loading specification varies from country to country. For example, maximum container weight allowed in Europe is 27 tonnes, whereas it is 21 tonnes in the US.
Q. How many square meters (m2) can we load in a container?

For 27-tonne container:

  • 2 cm – 400 m2
  • 3 cm – 300m2

For 21-tonne container:

  • 2 cm – 300m2
  • 3cm = 220m2
Q. How is the weight of granite calculated?
A. The standard formula for calculating weight is as follows:

Length (in cm) x width (in cm) x thickness (in cm) x 3/1000 =            kg/piece

Q. What is the delivery period?
A. Generally 30 days on ship.
Q. How is packing done?
A. In strong and durable crates made from good quality, dry wood.
Q. What is the guarantee for product quality?
A. Quality assurance is 100%. In a case, where product doesn’t meet the customer’s expectation or is not of the quality for which he/she had been committed by Regatta, the whole amount gets refunded.
Q. How much time does the ship take on water to arrive from Indian port?
A. For most countries, it takes around 25-30 days.
Q. Does Regatta offers door delivery?
A. Yes, Regatta offers door delivery option. For this, we require complete buyer’s address with ZIP/postal code.
Q. How can I be sure of good performance and service from Regatta?
A. You can be assured of Regatta’s dedicated performance and customer service by getting contact details of our existing customers in different parts of the world. This way, you can personally communicate with them to learn about our work and product quality as well as reliability and professionalism.
Q. Can the container accommodate granite variants of mixed colours and how many sheets of granite does it contain?
A. Yes, this is possible. Single container can hold 56 slabs; 8 wooden crates with 7 slabs in each.
Q. Is the container insured and with whom?
A. Yes, containers are insured with an insurance company. It is done by Regatta on your behalf.
Q. How long does the overall shipping take?
A. Mostly, ready-to-be-shipped stock is available. The packing, port transfer and port formalities take around 10 days. Further, sea transportation takes a period of 25-30 days; hence the total time for shipping varies between 35-40 days.
Q. From which ports do Regatta ship?

# North Indian Ports: Mundra

# South Indian Ports: Chennai, Tuticorin and Krishnapatnam

Q.Can Regatta deliver container to our factory?
A. Yes, we can. Generally, we deliver to ports, but on a prior request, we can arrange the same for you.
Q. What option is available for damages and liabilities in transit?
A. Although the possibility of such instances is rare, we still offer insurance on containers. In case of any damage during transit, a customer is eligible for an insurance claim. 
Q. How long has your company been exporting granite?
A. It’s been almost 20 years into the business of granite export.