Q. Where are granites available in India?
Q. Can we combine North and South Indian granites?
Q. What are the different granite products?
Q. Where can I see all the colors of granites that Regatta sells?
Q. Can I mix different colors in one container?
Q. Are the colors on the website a true representation of the actual material?
Q. What finishes are available on granites apart from the polished finish?
Q. How much weight we can load in a container?
Q. How many square meters (m2) can we load in a container?
Q. How is the weight of granite calculated?
Q. What is the delivery period?
Q. How is packing done?
Q. What is the guarantee for product quality?
Q. How much time does the ship take on water to arrive from Indian port?
Q. Does Regatta offers door delivery?
Q. How can I be sure of good performance and service from Regatta?
Q. Can the container accommodate granite variants of mixed colours and how many sheets of granite does it contain?
Q. Is the container insured and with whom?
Q. How long does the overall shipping take?
Q. From which ports do Regatta ship?
Q.Can Regatta deliver container to our factory?
Q. What option is available for damages and liabilities in transit?
Q. How long has your company been exporting granite?