Origin South India
Color Black
Beveled 36 x 6 INCH
Single Hollywood 36-37 X 6 INCH
Double Holly Wood 35 X 4 INCH
Others 37 x 6 x 5/8 INCH,  36 X 4 X 5/8 INCH
Thickness Custom
Finishes Polished, Honed


Granite Thresholds

Product Details:

Being a popular natural stone worldwide, granite remains the most preferred choice for making thresholds. Also known as door saddles, granite thresholds are one of the most widely used architectural elements in the construction industry. The superior levels of hardness, durability, color options and easy maintenance with granite stone make it a great choice for thresholds.

At Regatta Granites India, we manufacture and export high-quality granite thresholds in different colors, sizes, edges, and finishes. Being one of the most experienced and reliable granite exporters in India, we pay utmost attention to product quality which means our buyers get precisely cut products that can easily match their project specifications. We provide all types of granite thresholds including double standard bevels, single Hollywood bevels, and double Hollywood bevels.

Granite thresholds feature a bevel on both sides of them. The method of bevelling involves tapering the material to provide a slanted edge that softens the stone’s edge. This way, the stone gets “rounded off” during this process to make it easier for the wheelchair to roll over. The threshold modification must also be implemented smoothly for safety reasons. If the threshold separates the outside from the inside, weather-resistant material is another important factor to take into account. Granite is an excellent natural stone alternative for this transition.

If you have been working on an architectural project and are looking to procure the finest quality granite products, Regatta Granites India would be your best bet. Our state-of-the-art granite manufacturing capabilities enable us to meet the precise quality standards of its buyers. You can count on our expertise and knowledge to get the most sought-after granite thresholds from us.

Application Areas: Stairs, Doors

Other Names: Door Saddles

Edge finish: Machine cut

Minimum order quantity: One full container load

So, if you are looking to import custom-made granite thresholds from India, Regatta Granites India can help you with every aspect of your project. For more details or to enquire price, click on “Enquire Now” button and submit your requirement.