Origin South India
Color Custom
Dimensions 275 x 50 x 18 cm
Edge Machine-cut
Thickness Custom
Finishes Flamed , Polished , Lepatora , Honed ,
Brushed, Bush – Hammered and Leather

Product Details:

Stair treads are of immense value in the field of architecture when it comes to awarding visual appeal and durability to an external staircase. Due to their high durability, they always remain the most sought-after choice among architects and construction experts. They are perfect even for high-traffic areas as they don’t break easily and don’t require heavy maintenance and care.

At Regatta Granites India, we provide high-quality granite steps and treads that can help create a visually appealing staircase or other outdoor areas without compromising durability. Being one of the leading granite manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters from India, we are fully capable of meeting the specific requirements of our clients, be it size, color, finishes, and others.

Since we deal in different types of granite stones, we can provide custom-made granite stair treads in the following sizes:

Treads – 275 x 50 x 18 cm

We adhere to our established philosophy, which states that we are “taking care of people so you can take care of business,” in every order we accept and every customer we service. For all of your needs involving natural stone, you can rely on us to point you in the correct route.

Regatta Granites India is an experienced and reliable supplier of granite flagstone and stair treads to the USA, UK, UAE, Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world. Please fill out the enquiry form below to submit your requirement.


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