Regatta Granites India is a granite-exclusive brand fully owned by the Indian-based export company, Regatta Universal Exports. All the certificates, mentioned on this page, have been awarded to Regatta Universal Exports.

Being part of the company, Regatta Granites India strictly adhere to the standards and requirements set by the awarding institutions and/or organizations, mentioned here, for all of its business-related activities, including but not limited to procurement, manufacturing, processing, quality control and export of granite/natural stone products.

ETI Certificate

Regatta Universal Exports has been awarded by International Certifications Ltd. with the certificate of compliance in response to ethical base code (ETI). This certificate exhibits that the company has been adequately assessed and inspected as per the guidelines of ETI.

ISO Certificate

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System by Equalitas Certifications Ltd has been given to Regatta Universal Exports for the successful completion of annual surveillance audit.

CE Certificate

Regatta Universal Exports has been awarded Certificate of Compliance (CE) by UK Certification and Inspection Ltd for following quality system maintenance in the manufacturing of natural stone products. This certificate is associated with an audit of product quality system involving the design, manufacturing, and inspection of natural stone products.

Export House Certificate

Regatta Universal Exports has been awarded Export House Certificate by Director General of Foreign Trade for maintaining the status of One Star Export House under the provisions of the foreign trade policy 2015-2020.