Quality is not an act; it is a habit

We, at Regatta Granites India, present our global clients with a clear picture of how qualitative granite production looks by being exceptionally transparent in everything we do.

We identify issues and eliminate causes in the real-time scenario. Our granite quality control practices ensure that all granite slabs, tiles, and other products are manufactured to meet the needs of buyers’ specifications and minimize import risks.

We inspect the quality of granite products at every stage of production, including pre-production quality control, during-production quality control, pre-shipment quality control, and container loading supervision.

Appearance Quality Checks

We have a team of skilled and experienced granite quality experts who are proficient in doing comprehensive visual inspection of granite at all levels. By using their skills and expertise, we are able to find visual defects at an early stage which helps us by eliminating them quickly so as to deliver flawless granite slabs, tiles and other products to our buyers.

Visual Inspection

Dimension Inspection

Surface Inspection

Other Defects Inspection

Adhering to Internationally Acclaimed Quality Control Procedures

Be it granite thickness, edges, surface finish, and others, our advanced granite manufacturing capabilities give a kind of assurance to our buyers that their specific needs will be met perfectly. Our advanced granite manufacturing machinery is a testament to our supremacy in the industry. From cutting bulky granite blocks to processing granite tiles to minutest detail, we, at Regatta Granites India, are poised to offer the finest granite slabs, tiles, and other articles to our clients.

We follow an advanced and comprehensive approach to granite processing and quality control. Our 6-step granite manufacturing process guarantees the utmost satisfaction in terms of granite thickness, size, surface finish, edge, and color.

Another test involves dipping a piece of fabric in kerosene and then rubbing alcohol. The granite slabs that discolor as a result of this test are tinted with synthetic pigments and do not seem to be granite in their natural state.