100% safe granite packaging with the right materials

Often suppliers do not pay as much attention to granite packaging as they do to the quality of the product. This is where they lag behind! If the granite tiles and slabs are not packed properly then it might lead to broken tiles or spoilt finish, which ultimately could prove quite expensive to the customer receiving the product. At Regatta Granites India, we use durable crates for granite packaging that are made from dry, good quality and strong wood. These crates are made strong enough to withstand the usual 1-tonne weight of the product(s). We use the following materials for extra safety of stone products, 

Packing crates
Fully packed crate

Granite packing materials 

Plastic covering as cushioning materials

Plastic sheets, thin polythene sheets, and forms

Polythene sheets in between polished surfaces

Reinforced straps and strong seaworthy wooden crates

Thermocol boxes and corrugated boxes

Well-fumigated wooden pallets

Granite packing from suppliers
Half packed crate

How we make it possible?

The crates Regatta uses are required to be handled at multiple points from loading at the factory to stuffing in the container at the loading port as well as during discharge from the ship and subsequent handling in the dealer’s stockyard. Even in the customer’s stockyard, the products are stacked & stored for quite a long time before being sold. So, it obviously becomes imperative that crates should be made strong and durable. We make sure that the granite packaging is done well. Wooden crates are lined with polyethylene sheets from inside followed by thermocol sheets and a layer of foam. The tiles are then packed tightly in such a way that the corners and edges are well protected, so as to avoid chipping during long transportation. Further, the sealing of crates with polyethylene sheets prevents crates from getting wet during rain. Good quality nails and packing material are used for protective packaging.

Granite packing
Fully-packed and ready to move granite crates having granite tiles
Granite tiles loaded in container
Packing Unit
Granite crates

Our Production department co-ordinates with our ground staff to ensure all instructions are clearly understood and implemented regarding commercial packaging. Photos are examined and then the final approval is given after the fulfillment of all the requirements. At the same time, we send photos of packed material to the customer for approval, and only after their consent; we dispatch the product from the factory. This proves to be very reassuring, especially in the case of foreign customers, who usually appreciate our efforts in this regard.