Poised Towards Profitable and Sustainable Business Growth

At Regatta Granites India, we strive to create unmatched value for all our stakeholders and society by adopting greener and more secure natural stone processing practices. We are a recognized pioneer in responding to sustainability challenges encountered by the granite industry. From greener stone extraction processes to promoting labor health & safety, and making the buyers aware of the latest in the industry, our multi-faceted approach to value delivery gives us an edge.

Regatta is completely aware of its mission and responsibility towards society and is fully confident that its business practices can make an important contribution towards sustainable development, particularly regarding employee health, safety, non-discrimination, and total inclusion.

We strictly adhere to the latest CSR principles to ensure the utmost safety of our employees.

No child and Forced Labor

Children should spend their childhood attending school and playing, developing their strength and self-assurance with the support and affection of their families and wider communities. Children should live in a safer environment, free from violence, and protected from abuse and exploitation during this formative era.

  • Regatta Granites India strictly adheres to the “No Child Labor” policy both on regional and national levels
  • We ensure that no child is employed by Regatta or any of its subsidiary firms, vendors, and other stakeholders for any purpose both directly or indirectly
  • We don’t force or pressurize a person for work or levy any kind of penalty
  • We don’t ask any labor to work under any kind of threat or coercion

Health & Security

Ensuring the health and safety of our workforce is always on top of our priorities and our every action is directed towards the same. We also acknowledge the crucial role that each individual plays in ensuring the safety of others, themselves, the workplace, and the environment.

Never Walk Past is a straightforward, unambiguous, and inspiring call to action for everyone to take care of one another and make the workplace a safer place by never ignoring harmful behavior or circumstances.

  • We have put in place all the crucial health and safety guidelines
  • We ensure the availability of clean and fresh drinking water for all.
  • Masks are given to the workforce to avoid contamination among employees
  • We ensure the timely availability of all safety gear for our employees
  • No personnel shall speak or act in ways that degrade individual dignity based on issues such as gender, authority, or any other type of harassment.
  • In all business processes, Regatta Granites India prohibits any acts that degrade individual dignity or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, language, religion, creed, social status, disability, or any other related factors.

Ethical Business Practices

Striking for high ethical standards is more crucial than ever in today’s world. News of even small transgressions may spread quickly since information is now more accessible than ever before. The public, lawmakers, and regulators all demand the greatest ethical standards from firms. Businesses run the danger of facing legal and financial consequences as well as losing credibility in the eyes of consumers and other stakeholders when they conduct business without transparency, honesty, and compassion.

• We conduct our business consistently with fair and stiff competition and in compliance with applicable laws
• We treat employees to high but fair standards benefit from inviting and keeping skilled, committed, ethical workers.
• We encourage all our employees and other stakeholders to inform concerns or illegal activities without the threat of reprisal, or harassment, and take corrective action if required.

Control of Suppliers & Contractors

Evaluation and Selection of Suppliers / Sub-Contractors

• They are selected on the basis of their results obtained from the evaluation test, which is conducted every year.
• The suppliers must fulfill the requirement of the international standard
• They should participate in the monitoring activities of the company related to the social responsibility system.
• They must record corrective and preventive actions taken against the non-conformance.
• Last but not least, every supplier should be aware of the company’s relationship with others
• They should not indulge in child labor or forced labor
• They should have a healthy and safe working environment
• They should not indulge in unethical business practices

According to Regatta Granites India, corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a company’s ongoing commitment to act morally and solve social and environmental challenges, therefore promoting the welfare of society as a whole. To make a significant, beneficial impact on the ground, CSR is also a tool to reflect on and develop our connections with our stakeholders, such as local communities, the government, and employees.

At Regatta Granites India, we firmly believe that in order for there to be lasting change on the ground, social involvement must be profound, meaningful, and built on a foundation of long-term commitment. This reflects the reality that a similar strategy promotes both ethical commercial interests and societal benefits.

We operate our social programs on a solid basis of moral values, responsible leadership, and competent administration. Among other things, this entails exposing ourselves to the public’s scrutiny through a system of accurate, thorough reporting.