Red granite in India from reliable and experienced granite resources
Enthusiasm, liveliness, and radiance are a few words that are usually thought to be associated with the color red. By installing red granite into your property, you can not only boost the aesthetics but the aura of interior/exterior spaces. When it comes to having different types of red granite slabs, blocks, and tiles acquired from big rocks and quarries, red granite in India supplier Regatta Granites India matches all expectations.

Our range of red granite products is available in multiple textures, finishes, and sizes. We offer high-quality red Indian granite, viz., Lakha Red, Tiger Skin, Jhansi Red and Red Smoka at extremely competitive prices. On this web page, you will find red granite pictures and red granite price as well from granite supplier in India. For getting answers to all queries, simply fill the form displayed below mentioning your actual requirements.