The Increasing Popularity of Indian Granite Around The World

July 2, 2024 Admin

Granite emerges on top when it comes to sourcing the finest quality natural stone product that not just looks beautiful but also possesses excellent hard-wearing capabilities. This is why it outperforms all its countertops, particularly marble. Though marble is an excellent construction stone and has been used for years, granite is one notch above marble as being stain and scratch-resistant. There are numerous granite quarries in India that provide a wide range of granite stones in different colors and patterns. This easily available of diverse Indian granite varieties allows granite exporters in India to supply top quality granite stones to different parts of the world.

Things That Make Indian Granite So Popular

  • Indian granite is renowned across the globe for its quality, affordability, and longevity.
  • India leads the world in granite exports, with an industry valued at Rs. 25,000 crore.
  • There is less domestic demand in India for granite than there is potential for export because granite is more expensive and people prefer alternative materials.
  • France, China, and Japan are India’s top export destinations for granite, according to data from granite exporters.
  • The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and Japan are the top importers of Indian granite.
  • It is projected that the global demand for high-quality natural stones will drive a rise in granite exports from India.
Granite floor

Due to the timeless beauty and excellent properties of granite, it remains favorite among construction companies, households, architects, builders, and others. Indian granite is considered among the most affordable available granite in the world. Be it residential construction or a commercial one, this granite exhibits superior quality that can’t be matched by any other stone available today.

Granite is one of the most widely exported items from India to different parts of the world including the USA, UK, UAE, Europe, Australia, and others. Due to the easy availability of granite stones, granite importers look towards India to get top quality granite slabs, tiles, countertops, and other items at the most competitive rates.

Demand For Granite in India


India is a major player in the field of granite exports, but its export potential is far greater than the level of local demand. This has several causes:

  • Cost: Compared to other flooring or countertop materials available in India, granite is more expensive.
  • Preference: Some materials could be thought to be more stylish or suitable for particular styles of design.

Still, there are promising signs for the domestic demand of the future:

Based on data from international trade, there is an anticipated 4.1% annual increase in granite demand until 2023. Furthermore, 15% of the granite in the globe comes from India. Indian granites are well-positioned for a prosperous future in the global market as demand for premium natural stones grows throughout the world.

Granite Exports in The Year 2023-24

Data on granite exports from India indicates that 1,283 Indian exporters sold to 3,245 customers, accounting for a total of 55.9K in granite exports.

India is the world’s top exporter of Indian granite, with the majority of its exports going to China, Japan, and France, according to data from granite exporters.

The top three HSN codes for granite are:

Granite: 68022390

Granite: 68022310

Granite: 25161100

  • Because of its distinctive color, pattern, and quality, Indian granite is highly sought for globally. The biggest importers of Indian granite are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and Japan.
  • Investigate markets outside of the conventional superpowers like China and the US. The building industry is expanding significantly in Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and African nations, presenting incredible new potential.
  • Over 20% of granite exports from India are to the United States alone. Indian granite can be found in many different places, such as memorials, wall cladding, flooring, and kitchen counters.
  • Black Galaxy Granite, Kashmir White Granite, Red Multicolor Granite, and Tan Brown Granite are the most sought-after varieties of granite from India. Completely Black Granite.
  • One reason for the high demand for Indian granite is its inexpensive price. Indian granite is a common choice for large-scale buildings since it is less expensive than granite from other countries, such Italy and Brazil
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HS Code


          Potential Products


Polished, granite building stone of granite (other than granules or crushed stone)

          Granite slabs (polished),                           granite countertops,                                 granite vanity tops.


Granite, surfaced (polished, honed, sanded or rustic), not further worked 

           Granite slabs (polished,                           honed, calibrated).


Granite, dimensioned (e.g. slabs, strips and squares), polished, exceeding 2 cm thickness

           Granite slabs (thick format,                     polished).

The majority of Indian granite exports, including polished slabs, countertops, and vanity tops, are included in HS code 6802, as the data shows. A more niche market that requires bigger, rougher granite slabs for further processing elsewhere is catered to by HS code 2516. In order to ensure that you are using the correct HS code for your granite export, it is normally advised that you check with a market research website.

Future Prospects

Granite cutting

Indian granite exports seem to have a bright future. The need for natural stones is rising worldwide, and granite from India is in a good position to meet that demand. The Indian government is taking a number of actions to stimulate the country’s granite sector and draw in outside capital.

In order to enhance product quality and lessen their influence on the environment, granite exporters from India also make investments in cutting-edge technologies. It is anticipated that these actions will increase demand for Indian granite.

All things considered, the Indian granite industry is robust, expanding, and has a bright future. In the upcoming years, the sector will contribute significantly to the Indian economy.

The government’s “Make in India” initiative is anticipated to have a
major positive impact on the Indian granite industry.