Things That Make Black Galaxy Granite A Wonderful Natural Stone

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Black Galaxy Granite is distinguished by its pitch-black background filled with tiny, galaxy-like sparkles of silver and gold. Because of its remarkable look and longevity, it is a popular option for wall cladding, countertops, and flooring. India holds a prominent position in the global production and export of Black Galaxy Granite, a material that is highly sought after by consumers worldwide. Black Galaxy Granite has a medium-grained texture and is incredibly resistant and durable, which makes it the perfect material for wall cladding, countertops, floors, and other indoor and exterior uses.

Black Galaxy Granite is a great material for kitchen countertops because it is easy to clean and maintain and has a good level of resistance to heat, stains, scratches, and bacteria. Black Galaxy Granite is a well-liked option for designers and homeowners looking to add a touch of elegance to their rooms because of its distinctive and eye-catching appearance. Because of its remarkable look, low care needs, and longevity, Black Galaxy Granite is sold to many different countries across the world.

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Black galaxy granite is found in the Ongole region of South India and belongs to the gabbro family of stone materials. According to the Moh’s scale, the granite substance has a relative hardness rating of 4.5. Although there are stronger building materials available, including quartz, granite is resilient enough to endure the majority of everyday use. The background of the material might be either greenish/black shaded, dark black, or white with some white. There may be lines throughout some lower-quality content. 

The metallic specks in black galaxy granite, which are a stunning and distinctive feature resulting from the presence of bronzite, can be found in several various grades:

  • Big grained
  • Medley grained
  • Tiny-grained

The size of the specks determines these grades. Though rarer and more costly, large grain is usually more sought after. The most popular applications for galaxy granite are worktops, stairways, and flooring. Because of the material’s strength and beauty, it is typically found in a busy place where it will be seen by many people. The most popular finish is highly polished, which draws attention to the depth and contrast of the colors. However, finishes that are flamed, honed, river-washed, or brushed can also be applied with excellent results.


Black Galaxy Granite is a durable material that doesn’t need a lot of upkeep and can withstand regular use. Scratching is possible, nevertheless, when utilized in locations with heavy traffic. On the dark-colored surface, scuffs and scratches caused by dust, sand, and debris may be easily noticeable. Even though granite is an extremely durable material, caution should still be exercised, particularly when handling the edges and corners. It’s a fairly brittle material that can break or crack if hit hard enough with a hard item.


Among various natural stones, black galaxy granite is unique in that it doesn’t require sealing. It absorbs relatively little because it is so dense. If a sealer is used, it won’t be absorbed into the surface, which could result in streaks or a hazy appearance. Even though spills might not soak and stain right away, they still need to be cleaned up as soon as they happen. If at all possible, avoid spilling acidic beverages over the surface as they may harm the stone. Although there are specialty cleaners available, a warm, soapy cloth or sponge should usually work just fine. If the stone’s finish is polished, you can give it a home polish to keep its appearance and sheen. In order to preserve the quality of the stone or surface, it is probably advisable to have the surface refinished by a professional if another form of finish—such as honing, leathering, etc.—is done.


When evaluating a black galaxy granite pick, there are a number of factors to take into account. However, the three that most significantly affect the stone’s pricing and overall visual quality are lines (veins), galaxy size, and galaxy distribution. Black galaxy granite is a naturally occurring stone, thus it may have veining or lines through it. Marble’s beauty stems from this attribute, which galactic granite lacks. Usually, the ratings of lines are arranged as follows:

  • Grade A+ – no lines
  • Grade B- One or two black lines Grade C
  • Grade D: a lot of lines in black and white

The bronzite particles that are colored are known as “galaxy,” and the material’s quality is influenced by the galaxy’s size. The following is why the size is desirable:

  • Big galaxy
  • A medium-sized galaxy
  • Tiny galaxy
  • Galactic dispersion is another galactic element that is taken into account.
  • An even distribution of galaxies 
  • Inequitable distribution of galaxies

The Conclusion

Though there are different types of black granites that come from India, Black Galaxy Granite is known to have its own magnificence. Be it beauty, visual appeal, resistance to adverse elements, functionality, and longevity, this black Indian granite outperforms its counterparts across various parameters.