Waterfall Edge on Granite Countertops

November 22, 2023 Admin

If you are an architect and came across a granite countertop project, you should happy knowing that you can choose from different types of edges to deliver a highly aesthetical and functional appeal to the granite countertops. From bullnose edge to waterfall edge, there are different edges in granite countertops that are preferred by architects and construction contractors. We will deeper into the topic of waterfall edge, its types, benefits, and applications in this post. This will help you choose the right edge for the granite countertop.

What does a waterfall edge mean?

The waterfall edge, as its name implies, is a stunning countertop edge designed to mimic the look of water falling down a stone stream. It’s the elegant design of witnessing a clear water fountain cascade down slick steps and produce the reassuring sound of water splashing.

Waterfall Edge
appearance of waterfall edge

The appearance of waterfall edge

Several rounded edges in the design wonderfully recreate the charm of nature within your house. It may be used with a gorgeous marble, granite, or quartz stone to create a direct extension of nature within your house or place of business.

The waterfall edge is also known by the name of another style. This design borrows elements from waterfall style as well, although in a different way. When a countertop terminates at a 90-degree angle and the stone descends until it touches the floor, this is known as waterfall edging. This design extends the view of your precious Indian granite to include the entire side of the cabinets, island, or seating area. As a result, the countertop appears as though glittering stone is cascading over the edge of Indian granite.

Characteristics of Waterfall Edge

The waterfall edge is a stunning extension of the opulent tastes most homeowners and architects look forward to. Most granite exports in India allow importers to view a variety of popular, premium, and laminating alternatives at any moment on their websites.

Superior countertop edges are superior to basic edging choices. They are an opulent addition that demonstrates your attention to detail and desire to leave a lasting impression as a company or house owner. You will pay more for waterfall than for a popular edge, but less for a laminate edge granite countertop. The cost of a waterfall, however, is difficult to determine because it varies depending on the project, the stone being used, and its availability.

Characteristics of Waterfall Edge

Applications of Waterfall Edge Granite Countertops

There are numerous applications of waterfall edge granite countertops like:


The second area where a waterfall edge would look really stunning is a bathroom. What could be more pleasant than a leisurely morning wash in the washbasin with a waterfall edge to softly lean against without fear of a jagged corner or rough edge to stumble into? The bathroom is largely about flowing or rushing water, thus a waterfall edge would be a great addition. It also more closely suits the motif.


An architect would often install a waterfall edge in their kitchen first. The typical kitchen is so busy that there isn’t much time for decorating it without risking anything greasy, unclean, or fire- or dust-related. However, all it could take to add some additional flair to kitchen counters is an attractive waterfall edge.

The most popular option for both types of waterfall edging is a kitchen island. Additional protection for the chairs, cabinets, and any legs seated beneath is provided by the 90-degree drop off option. The island gains some flair from its triple-rounded shape, which sets it apart from a standard countertop in terms of feel and appearance. Islands are an opportunity to showcase your interior design vision and wow your visitors; including a waterfall edge is the ideal way to convey to them how much you appreciate your kitchen.

Pros and Cons of Waterfall Edges


Stunning Design: The 90-degree angle and the triple rounded edges are both exquisite designs that will wow onlookers. When updating a countertop, stone is a popular and quick favourite due to its precise cutting and extension.

Style Versatility: The waterfall edging designs complement any home decor style. Whether the design is modern, minimalist, classic, rustic, or a mix of several, the waterfall edge will always manage to provide something new to the space.

Protected Cabinets: Because of their substantial overhang or additional layers, both designs are excellent for safeguarding the counters. This implies that your floors and cabinets will be protected from crumbs, water damage, and other potential issues regardless of the design you select.

Increased Property Value: The waterfall edges in granite countertops will wow any realtor that inspects your property, as well as your guests and neighbours. Waterfall edges will undoubtedly raise the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it since they demonstrate your commitment to making it the best it can be.


Expensive: If one has not budgeted for the expense, the workmanship required in creating the waterfall designs can be expensive. Installing waterfall edges is more expensive since they are seen as an improved option. Depending on the stone being used and the extent of edging, the cost may go up even more.

Additional Support: In order to maintain their anchoring, the triple edge and overhang will need extra assistance. Because extra hardware and material will be needed to secure your cabinets, this might also result in a price rise.

The Conclusion

Some of the most exquisite designs you may have for your house or place of business are the waterfall edges. There’s no denying that installation may get pricey, but if you take care in your house or place of business, sometimes the extra cost is worthwhile. Additionally, if you ever want to sell, the investment you made will pay off since a reality firm will find that you went above and above to install them, increasing the value of your home. You won’t regret adding a waterfall countertop edge granite countertop if you manage your money well.