Black granite thresholds for an unparalleled sophistication to installations

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Between the two floors in different spaces, there is always a threshold that not only annexes two floors but also separates them. In a flooring project, there are little things that allow homeowners to get a variety of floors. Thresholds as a construction material are not restricted as an entrance to a building or room. There are also other uses of black granite thresholds that make your living space more durable and enticing as well. When it comes to offering an elegant transition to your installation at residential or commercial spaces, granite thresholds in different sizes and pattern matters the most.


Special decorative design ideas with black granite products

For many decades, granite has been a particularly popular option of natural stone materials for having high-quality door saddles or thresholds. The virtues of durability, beauty, and weather-resistance make black-hued granite the first choice all. In an off-white hue, this stone adds a bold and modern statement to all modern and traditional living spaces. Simply, get in touch with a black stone granite product supplier from India that welcomes granite lovers to a world of granite thresholds in black color. If you prefer black-hued transition stone, you will find it fit for the following applications:

Countertops – Both residential and commercial

Flooring – Both residential and commercial

Baths – Both residential and commercial

It is equally useful for decorating built-in nooks and shelving. With right-sized thresholds made of black stone granite, you can easily trim a fireplace in a never before way. Floors, patios, walls, backsplashes, countertops, pool linings, and pool decking are other places where you need thresholds for a better outcome.

Black granite thresholds options for maximum design and installation flexibility

High-quality black-colored granite is the right answer to the question of availing a minimalistic achromatic modern look. When you have to invite boldness to your installations, black granite in a high-contrast makes things happen in your favor. Following are some of the Indian black granite options for thresholds:

• Absolute Black and Black Beauty Granite
• Jet Black and Black Galaxy Granite
• Rue Black and Black Marquina Granite
• Nova Black and Black Marine Granite

36”x6”, 48”x4”, and 18”x18” inch threshold

Whether your design style is traditional or all-out trendy, we’ve made it easy to find just the right product to finish off your residential or commercial space.

9”x9” inch corner self

Full bullnose sample with 4 cm Patti pasting

If you have to choose a particular natural stone for having a better output, black granite thresholds commit you an unmatched superiority to installations.

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