Why One Should Buy Granite from India

Granite is a great material for home or office designing projects and is very popular across the globe for interior as well as exterior designing. It has been used since ages for construction purposes and exhibits several features that make it apt for a variety of architectural applications.

Though granite is quarried from different corners of the world, it is the Indian granite that is globally acclaimed for its superior quality and occurrences in an eclectic range of shades and surface patterns. India is world’s major producer and exporter of more than 100 varieties of granite with innumerable quarries located both in North and South India. A bevy of natural stone products are supplied to different countries from India, but it is the granite export that contributes up to 90% of the total natural stone export from India annually. Even the granite export business in India has observed significant hike in the last few years and is expected to increase even more in the coming years. With such growth prospects, India is currently a lucrative market for buying granite. Further discussed are several advantages of purchasing granite from India.


Indian granite export industry has now become a highly organized sector with numerous small and large industry players being extensively engaged in manufacturing and export of granite products round the year. Due to growing competition, they have now turned highly professional and make all sorts of offerings to attract new and existing customers from various countries. The growing competition in the Indian granite export sector can be actually considered as a boon for international customers with leading Indian granite suppliers and exporters offering numerous reasonably priced granite products of very quality that can be ordered in standard as well as customizable sizes, designs and finishes.


To survive in today’s highly competitive age and to serve international customers in a better way, major granite exporters from India has adopted best business practices with the inclusion of the concepts of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the extraction, production, shipping and delivery of granite. This shift has allowed Indian granite exporters to compete and perform extremely well in the international market, which in turn has brought a lot of advantages to international customers with respect to competitive pricing, customer support, timely product processing, safe packaging and transportation, and on time delivery.


Establishment of several stone and granite industry associations across the country has further ensured that their respective member organizations should abide by the rules and policies set by them in accordance with international standards. Moreover, the government has also reformed its policies in the recent years that eventually helped granite export businesses in India to perform well, achieve expected growth, and serve both domestic and international customers more efficiently.


Globally reputed granite exporters from India like Regatta Granites India are always high on quality, be it regarding the quality of stone or achieving the accuracy in terms of size, thickness, finish and even design of granite products as per the customers’ expectation.

All these have significantly contributed in making India an extremely attractive granite market that not just guarantees high product quality with competitive rates, but a delightful customer experience.