How to Complement the Rustic Looks of Homes with Granite

Living spaces showcasing rustic décor always exude welcoming and idyllic vibes that is enough to grab anyone’s attention. Summer cottages and mountain cabins are usually designed rustically. While rustic is not at all a new entry to the home décor realm, it has certainly gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Well, a major reason that contributes to its popularity is easy availability of materials that are required to get this look with affordability. And, granite is one such thing that has a major role in developing rustic looks.

For instance, consider a scenario, wherein your residence in built in the 19th-century Mediterranean style, and you want to convert your bedroom into office space. Your basic idea is to incorporate countryside cabin décor with exposed wooden panels, both on the walls and ceiling.

So, what would be your very first step? Are you going to visit a timber merchant? No, that’s not at all required. This is because you have easier and cost effective options to bring about the look. Laminate panels and moulds will do the job. Using granite countertops and granite tiles for flooring are other things to incorporate to get the desired office looks.

In general, glossy finish isn’t recommended for that rustic look. However, if your walls and cabinets are varnished to an extremely shiny texture, you can confidently go for glossy finish of granite. But, considering the conventional scenario, wherein wood beams boast weathered, classic looks, granite in brushed finish would be the best bet.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that your granite floors should also be in the same finish. Conversely, when well complimented with just the right lighting, polished granite surface appears to be very appealing even in a rustic ambience.

So, what are the factors that should be considered while creating the rustic look with granite? Let’s learn about them one by one.

Selecting the Right Tone is Crucial

It is a well known fact that matching textures and colors are important aspects of interior decoration. And, granite is no exception either! For that rustic looks, it is suggested to choose granite to well complement the wooden texture of ceilings, walls, decorative elements and furniture.

In case the wooden texture is dark like stained oak, granite in lighter shades would work well. Likewise, dark shades of granite beautifully blend with lighter shades of wooden as of white pine. Depending on what suits your home the best, you can create a contrasting or matching pattern.

Countertops and Floors Aren’t the Only Options

In case you have wooden furniture like dressers and night lamp tables in the bedroom, you can enhance their look by adding granite slab or tile to their top. This works wonders if you have chosen the furniture top in the same shade as that of the floor. A work desk in the bedroom can also be made more appealing with a granite countertop.

Consider Granite in the Bathroom

Unlike many other stones with limited color options, granite is perfectly suited for bathroom renovation. It goes well with bathrooms showcasing French countryside or rustic looks. You can select granite wall tiles and countertop slabs in warm and earthly shades.

Well, it is not mandatory to completely overlay the four surrounding walls with granite tiles as most homeowners like only the lower-half portion of the walls to be covered in granite.

In case you have laminate or wooden panels all across your property, it could be a great idea to create the wall accent feature in the bathroom with wooden panels covering only one out of the four walls.

Interestingly, when it comes to granite, the truth is that it is one great natural stone that can arrestingly grace any interior; be it classic or contemporary. Whether you want to create a sophisticated, minimalist or rustic look, granite can be your ultimate companion.

The unbeatable strength and highly resistant nature of this stone come as an added advantage to you when you choose granite for your home decoration or renovation.