Exclusive and Modish New Imperial Granite Colors

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There are lots of colorful granite stone products available in the competitive market. From quarries to stone factories and granite showroom to your living space, a granite product passes through several stages. Amongst a large number of granite stone colors, imperial granite emerges as a versatile granite that easily fits into your kitchen, bathroom, or office areas. Imperial granite comes in various colors like blue, gold, pink, red, white, and many more. Moreover, the presence of veins and speckles over the surface of the stone makes the stone ideally suitable for indoor or outdoor countertops and surrounds. This content shares information about a variety of imperial granite colors that are ready to upgrade your existing living space.

Five unique imperial granite colors from India

Imperial granite is one of the most beautiful natural stone materials that one can install in his or her space. Being beautiful and durable this stone renders lots of benefits to end-users. The selection of different colors and patterns of imperial granite helps you accomplish your residential and commercial construction projects with a real difference. Below given are the five unique imperial granite stone types quarried from granite quarries and processed at Indian granite factories. These include:

Imperial blue granite

  • Color: Blue
  • Material origin: South India
  • Additional name: Granito Azul Val d’Aran, Granito Azul d’Aran, and Granit Blau Aran
  • Surface description: Eye-pleasing backdrop with patches and speckles of white, light grey, and greenish-blue
  • Finish: Flamed, polished, lepatora, bush-hammered, honed, brushed, and leather
  • Edge: Machine-cut edges
Imperial Blue Granite

Imperial gold granite

  • Color: Gold
  • Material origin: South India
  • Additional name: Imperial Gold Dust Granite, New Imperial Gold Granite, Royal Gold Granite
  • Surface description: Golden yellow backdrop with brown, yellow, and pink shades in multiple streaks and patterns
  • Finish: Leather, flamed, honed, brushed, polished, lepatora, and bush-hammered
  • Edge: Machine-cut edges
Imperial Gold Granite Supplires

Imperial white granite

  • Color: White
  • Material origin: South India
  • Additional name: Juparana Avorio Granite, Tippo White Granite, Tippu White Granite,  White Imperial Granite, Bianco Imperial White Granite, Irish Cream Granite
  • Surface description: Light to dark pink hues with black flecks on its surface.
  • Finish: Bush-hammered, flamed, honed, brushed, polished, lepatora, and leather
  • Edge: Machine-cut edges
Imperial White Granite Exporters

Imperial red granite

  • Color: Red
  • Material origin: South India
  • Additional name: New Imperial Granite, New Ilkal Red Granite, Imperial Red Granite, New Royal Red Granite
  • Surface description: A dark-red background having shades of black, light red, and grey with innumerable speckles on its surface
  • Finish: Flamed, honed, brushed, polished, lepatora, bush-hammered, and leather
  • Edge: Machine-cut edges
New imperial red granite stone

Imperial pink granite

  • Color: Pink
  • Material origin: South India
  • Additional name: Jalore Pink Granite, Imperial Pink Granite, Imperial Pink India, and Royal Pink Granite
  • Surface description: Evenly distributed speckles of ivory, red, black, peach, and grey shades.
  • Finish: Flamed, brushed, polished, lepatora, honed, bush-hammered, and leather
  • Edge: Machine-cut edges
Imperial Pink Granite

As far as the sizes of these granite products are concerned, B2B buyers can opt for both standard and custom sizes as per their changing business needs. Primarily, the standard size of the stone includes: Cutter slabs (180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm); gangsaw slabs (260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm), and tiles (30×30, 30×60, and 60×60 cm). Buyers interested in countertops and vanity tops can place online orders for custom sizes of their choice and preference. All these granite stone colors are recommended for the countertop, worktop, wall, and floor applications.

These products can be purchased in premium, standard, and commercial qualities from leading and experienced Indian granite suppliers. B2B buyers interested in buying in bulk can make a big difference to their B2B buying as the Indian granite market offers competitive prices. The best thing B2B buyers can do is to get in touch with an ISO and ETI-certified granite exporter from India and get the best imperial granite colors at factory prices.