Granite Countertops from India – For Your Kitchen and Bathroom Installation Needs

Probably, “countertops” is the very first word that hits our mind as you as soon as you start discussing “granite.” Seems as if there exists a strong relation between the two! To be honest, there is and we have a plethora of convincing explanations to prove that. Granite countertops from India is the right answer to people looking for granite solutions. Moreover, since Indian is one of the world leaders in granite manufacturing and export as well as due to their impeccable quality and strength, granite countertops from India are in huge demand all over the globe. Numerous granite suppliers and exporters from India are working relentlessly to fulfill the ever increasing demand of this Indian natural stone in the global market.

Indian granite countertops for kitchens and baths

Let’s come back to the “relation” – the one that exists between granite and countertops. To better understand this, it is important to discuss what one expects from a countertop and does granite has all the qualities and features that can go well with those expectations. So, what are the expectations of a homeowner or granite buyer when he thinks of countertops? Well, to some extent, it depends on the place of countertop installation – usually, a kitchen or bathroom. These two are perhaps the most functional spaces inside a home. And, a countertop serves as a work base for all those intense, harsh activities that takes place inside kitchens and bathrooms. Through the course of all such extreme actions, a countertop usually comes in contact with whatever you can think of in your home. On one hand, in the kitchen, there are acids, water, veggies, salts, heavy equipment, utensils, sharp knives and more to ruin your countertop. On the other hand, soaps, detergents, nail enamels, tooth pastes and of course water inside bathrooms can take a toll on your countertops. Hopefully, now you have got the point. The expectation is nothing, but the desire of a perfect material that can tastefully grace the interiors of your kitchen and bathroom as well as have enough durability and resistance to easily sustain such harsh treatments.

Why go for Indian granite countertops?

Now, let’s find does granite, especially the granite countertops from India, really bear such qualities that make it an ideal material, or natural stone, for kitchen countertops or vanity tops. Well, granite is by far the toughest of all natural stones except quartzite hen measured on Mohs scale. However, the lesser brittleness of granite in caparison to quartzite again makes it a preferred choice among natural stone admirers for creating countertops. Besides, this natural stone is highly resistant against high temperature and pH (acidic) conditions and does not allow the water or moisture to seep in. If properly cared and maintained, it can even last a lifetime. Secondly, its availability in more than 110 different granite varieties leaves no choice with Indian natural stone buyers to look for any other option. All these granite varieties from India are available in multiple shades of blue, black, blue, grey, yellow, pink and red. On top of this, dynamic surface patterns in the forms of streaks, speckles, waves and dots in matching or contrasting shades not just enhance the looks of the stone, but make its extremely unique and seemingly more natural by looks. Thus, now when you are aware of the wonderful qualities of granite, you can easily relate those with a customer’s expectations regarding a countertop. Undoubtedly, granite is just the perfect material for countertops. And, if it is about granite from India, it would be exactly like icing on the cake.

What a granite supplier in India offers you?

As already stated, granite countertops from India is a globally popular product and from a reputed granite supplier and exporters from India like Regatta Granites India, you cannot be only assured of unmatched granite quality and wide granite product range, but extremely competitive granite prices. An Indian granite industry leader, Regatta Granites India is an 18-year old Indian granite supplier and exporter, which is widely known for its reasonably priced Indian natural stone products, superior granite quality along with highly dedicated customer support and on time deliveries of natural stone in any part of the world. To select the granite color or product of your choice, all you have to do is to visit the Regatta’s website and after product selection, fill up the form available on the product page or Get Quote Now page. Once we receive your query, our highly professional marketing team will contact you to assist in the most efficient manner.