Granite Flooring – Taking Home Transformation to the Next Level

When it comes to decorating interior floors, granite flooring is the most apt and popular choice. This is because granite gives you some really strong reasons, both in terms of durability and appealing looks, to be chosen as a favorite natural stone for flooring.

In general, granite is good for many interior and exterior applications, but do you know which country offers the best granite to the world? Well, it is the same country, which is also the top producer and exporter of granite. Yes, you guessed it right! It is none other than India.

Owing to its extreme popularity, Indian granite is abundantly exported in many parts of the world annually. Indian granite industry has become highly organized in the last two decades, which resulted in increased granite export manifold times. Granite in India are extracted and processed both in Northern and Southern parts. It occurs in around 150 varieties that differ from each other with respect to colors, and dynamic surface patterns that beautify its surface in the form of streaks, swirls, flecks, patches and waves.

Some popular granite shades are green, black, brown, red, pink, yellow and gold. Apple Green, Baltic Red, Imperial blue, Jhansi Red, Black Galaxy, Colonial Cream, Binco Gold and Astoria Pink are to name a few Indian granite varieties that are in great demand across the globe. All these are used for a variety of installation for architectural and interior designing.

Besides, being used to create countertops, backsplashes, steps, risers and feature walls, granite flooring tiles is quite popular of all granite products from India. The credit for granite being used as a preferred flooring stone is not just its phenomenal features, but its versatility with respect to shades and surface design patterns that is likely not possible with any other natural stones.

Granite is extremely strong and durable, nearly non-porous and can easily resist harsh temperature and pH conditions (acidic or alkaline environments) to a greater extent. Granite floors can also easily withstand heavy footfalls and minor strokes; thereby, making it perfect for flooring. Besides, when it comes to color choices, no other stone could compete with this stone, especially Indian granite. As already stated, it occurs in innumerable shades and surface patterns that gives you enough of options to creatively use this natural stone to match and contrast with other elements inside homes or surroundings.

Owning to its amazing shades and colors, granite can be freely used in every corner of the property, from kitchen, bathroom, corridor, hall and bedroom to even in balcony, terrace and patio. Granite as a stone is so versatile that you don’t need to look out for other natural stones as granite in itself offers you innumerable options in terms of colors and surface designs if you want to develop a creative granite floor design.

Light shaded granite varieties can be easily combined with dark-colored granite variants to make the most of this natural stone for interior or exterior flooring. You can combine black granite with the white one. Likewise, brown granite and yellow as well as light green and red make for a great combination. Rest depends on your choice of colors as there are too many!

Believe us, even in a single shade, granite would never let you down if innovatively matched with the rest of the interiors. For cherry wood interiors, especially in kitchens, you can use brown granite or even some light-colored granite. Similarly brown, grey and dark green granite goes well when used along with light wood colored interiors or any light shaded walls. On the other hand, white or off-white granite and even some pink and yellow granite go well with dark interiors. Try using light-color granite with highly dynamic surface design in dark shade to create a dramatic ambience.

On top of all these, granite is regarded as a lifetime investment. So, once installed, just forget about renovation or replacement. This time-tested stone is enduring enough to last a lifetime if properly cared and maintained. Moreover, granite flooring never goes out of fashion, so be rest assured that it will keep glorifying your interior or exterior spaces with its natural charm forever.

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