Granite: The Nature Lovers’ Stone

Granite is basically an igneous rock formed by the cooling and solidification of lave or magma. It is extracted directly from rock deposits as large granite blocks and the process is technically called quarrying. These large blocks are then brought to granite factories, where they are simply cut into slabs/tiles or carved to give any required shape/design. The product is further processed to develop the desired finish. During all phases of granite processing, no change has been practically brought to the granite, which remains completely intact after processing with respect to its shades and physical features. This signifies that granite is very much natural; in fact as natural as the grass on which we walk and the air that we breathe.

A common belief about quarrying is that it drastically impacts our earth and environment. Though quarrying to some extent is deleterious to our globe, the intensity of the damage caused has been significantly reduced in the past few years due to technological advancements in the quarrying process.

China, Brazil and India are major importers of processed granite with Indian granite being highly popular all over the world because of its exceptional quality, and amazing shades and surface patterns. To get any granite product in size, finish, shape and design of your choice, you can contact a leading granite exporter from India like Regatta Granites India  that is globally known for its product quality, dedicated customer service, safe packing and transportation, and on time deliveries.

Granite, regardless of the country of its origin, exhibits numerous base colors like green, black, pink, red, golden, brown, blue and white with dynamic surface patterns in the forms of swirls, streaks and waves in different shades.

Using Granite in Homes

It was only after the 1980s when granite saw a dramatic upsurge in its use as a prominent construction and architectural designing material. Initially, it had been largely regarded as an opulent material for interior/exterior decoration and generally used to grace the kitchens and bathrooms of the affluent class.

However, with the passage of time, its commercial extraction and production continued to grow, which eventually led to its easy availability and significant reduction in its price. These days, it is considered as just another natural stone that can be used by any common homeowner with a limited budget for construction or renovation projects.

A good thing about granite is that it can be used for a variety of applications, especially when it used inside homes. The wide range of shades and surface patterns give you ample of opportunities to gracefully add a natural touch to your home interiors in exactly the way you want. Nevertheless, this broad range of granite sometimes leaves a few homeowners in confusion while selecting the right shade for different spaces of their homes.

If properly maintained, granite turns out to be the best material for kitchen and bathroom countertops. It discourages microbial growth, is nearly non-porous, extremely strong and durable and resists high temperatures as well. A large slab of granite can also be used to create an accent wall in your bathroom or kitchen island in the kitchen.

Not Just for Kitchens or Bathrooms

With such a vast range of shades and impressive features, granite is a stone, whose applications can’t be restricted to just kitchens and bathrooms. Throughout the property, granite can be used as a flooring material, while on the stairs, it can be laid as steps and risers.

Of late, its usage in vertical forms to create feature walls in various sections of a property has also become a popular among designers. In different designs, the tiny pieces of granite can be placed anywhere in your home for decoration purposes.

Not just indoors, but it can be used in the outdoors as facade flooring, exterior wall covering and to create stunning monuments that can be installed in open spaces surrounding your property.

With the above discussion, we can conclude that granite is a versatile stone that can easily bring a natural charm to the interiors or exteriors of any property. The durability and strength of granite further ensures that your property would preserve the natural grace for many years after its installation.