Granite stone is considered one of the most popular building materials for home furnishings in today’s world. It may be utilized for a variety of landscaping tasks in various areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, and stairways.

Granite is especially beneficial when creating staircases. It may be utilized as an indoor alternative or even in the entry steps to your home. Your property will have a classy appearance thanks to this long-lasting solution.

Granite may be installed and molded in a variety of ways. Numerous alternative forms that are appropriate for the stone’s uses can be obtained depending on how it is cut. The way the stone is polished will determine how the surface is finished. For countertops, the surface may be made smoother, while for floors, it can be made somewhat rougher.

Let’s look at some of the most popular design ideas for granite stairs.

1. Speckled Granite Block Stairs

One of the most well-liked designs for granite staircases is this one. It is ideal for use as a home’s entrance staircase.

The stairway’s sides are elevated by one step above the stairs. The stairs are somewhat safer as a result. Additionally, it provides the ideal location for potted plants.

The granite has a base color of white with black and brown specks. It was divided into rectangular slabs so that a large stairway could be built.

A honed polish has been applied to the stone’s surface. Its subdued color gives the steps a cozier and more organic appearance. Granite has an anti-slip quality and a matte surface thanks to a honed polish. Because of this, walking on the stairs is safe even when they are wet. To make the stone resistant to moisture, you must seal it.



New Imperial Red Stair Project
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

2. Polished Granite

The entry to your home has a beautiful appearance thanks to this unique granite stair design. Plants and decorative items can be stored on the staircase’s first level.

These stairs have granite treads, and the wider landings are decorated with colored tiles. Black, patterned metal railings or banisters surround the steps.

Granite slabs that have been polished make up the riser, which is the front-facing, vertical portion of the staircase, and the steps. They give the entire granite stair design a sleek and sturdy appearance.

3. Black Granite Stairs

A staircase made of black granite gives any room a dramatic appearance. Any color of the floor may be used with this pattern, which is sure to draw notice.

The granite utilized has a marble-like appearance and feel due to its high level of polish. This makes cleaning and maintaining it simple.

You may add grooves and inlays to the edge of the stairs to make the surface less slippery. As a result, walking up the stairs is easier.

black granite stairs
Source: Pinterest
black granite stairs
Source: Pinterest

4. Double Molding Granite Stairs

The granite used in this staircase’s construction has two mouldings. Double moulding granite refers to a design that uses two separate granite stones. The stepping slab is composed of polished red granite, while the base and riser are constructed of white granite stone.

The addition of red gives these rooms with neutral decor a striking pop of color. The red-and-white color combination is also used on the bannisters. The steps have a nice appearance due to the contrasting colours.

5. Flamed Finish Granite Stairs

This straightforward granite stairs design is strong and very useful. The style is perfect for stairs that will experience a lot of use and abuse.

Simple white granite that has been carved into slabs is the material utilized in this particular granite stair design. The surface of the stairs has a flamed finish. The stones are heated to provide a flamed finish. They have a rougher texture and a more organic appearance as a result.

The flamed coating on the stairs also prevents slipping even in rainy conditions. This feature makes this granite step design ideal for outdoor use, where it will be exposed to weathering caused by both foot traffic and environmental factors.

black granite stairs
Flamed Finish
Source: Pinterest
black granite stairs
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6. Matte Finish Granite Stairs

The surrounding rooms have a Mediterranean vibe thanks to the creative granite staircase design.

Along with granite slabs, this particular design also incorporates tiles. The color scheme’s brown, beige, and black tones provide a cosy atmosphere.

Patterned tiles are used to decorate the stair riser. It is advisable to use tiles that complement the entire interior design’s aesthetics and color palette. Granite slabs with a matte surface are used to construct the stairs. Metal with brown and black colouring makes up the bannisters.

The granite’s matte texture gives the steps a smooth surface. The stairs will be simpler to keep and clean as a result. However, the tiles could require some additional maintenance.

7. Minimalistic Granite Stairs

Any home may benefit from the elegance of these simple granite steps. The spaces feel more open thanks to this design.

This staircase’s granite was carved into rectangular slabs of various sizes. The riser and step are both made of the same granite kind. The surfaces of the landing and steps have an honed polish. This increases the walking surface’s traction without reducing its gloss.

A raised concrete surface holds the bannisters in place. It is ergonomically more comfortable to grasp due to the bannister’s outward protrusion. Metallic hues are employed in the bannister. The staircase has a wooden appearance thanks to the beige color.

There is enough room to place a potted plant in the spacious landing area. Make sure the landing space, if one is included in your staircase design or is required, is large enough to accommodate storage. The idea is to prevent that area from being awkwardly vacant, whether it be with a modest aesthetic piece or a useful object.

black granite stairs
Modern minimalist style black granite
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