Indian vs Brazil yellow granite: An open comparison

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Both India and Brazil are one of the top granite producing and  exporting countries, heavily involved in the process of granite manufacturing, exporting, quarrying, and supplying. 

It is said that India is the largest producer of granite blocks and Brazil is the biggest manufacturer of granite slabs. Both of the countries offer finished slabs, tiles, and countertops to global buyers along with rough granite blocks. 

When it comes to choosing a colorful stone product, yellow color makes a big difference with its simple yet elegant looks. The popular Brazil granite in yellow color is Giallo Veneziano. In the same manner, you can expect Crystal yellow granite as one of the best stones in the category of yellow-colored granite in India. With this content, granite enthusiasts will better understand and compare the two stone types on the basis of various factors. Moreover, buyers can take a note of what Indian yellow granite suppliers have for global granite buyers.  

Crystal Yellow vs Giallo Veneziano Granite

A candid assessment of Indian Crystal yellow and Brazilian Giallo Veneziano granite

South American country Brazil and Asian giant India cater to the needs of granite buyers. Yellow granite is sold widely in all corners of the world. In the category of yellow granite, crystal yellow from India and Giallo Veneziano from Brazil are top-selling products. As far as Brazilian Giallo Veneziano is concerned, it is a medium to the coarse-grained stone product. This long-lasting granite can be bought in slabs and tiles of all sizes and types. This stone is good for creating countertops, floors, monuments, mosaics, etc. In the same manner, it is an Indian yellow granite product that comes with lots of inherent features that make the stone durable, exquisite, performing, and highly saleable. Here, we will make a comparison between the two popular stone products from both countries.


Crystal Yellow Granite

Giallo Veneziano Granite




Country of origin

India (Rajasthan)

Brazil (Mantena, Minas Gerais and Zona di Pipinuque, Corrego de Agua Preta, Nova Venecia, Espirito Santo)



Speckles of black, toffee cream and chestnut colors on its surface

Marigold and buff shades at its base


Rich golden background and black and gray veins

Medium to coarse-grained, ocher-yellow to golden-brown


Medium to low


Additional Names

G2202, G741 Granite, Jilin Yellow, Yellow of Colored Crystal, Caijing Yellow

Veneziano Giallo Granite, Yellow Veneziano Granite, Giallo Imperial Granite, Gold Brasil Granite, New Venezian Gold Granite, Juparana Venezia Granite

Testing strength

Water Absorption: 0.08 %

Compressive Strength: 185 MPa

Density: 2960 kg/m3

Flexural Strength: 10.5 MPa


Water Absorption: 0.30 %

Compressive Strength: 108.1 – 115.0 MPa

Density: 2630 kg/m3

Flexural Strength: 8.9 – 9.7 MPa


Quarrying and processing

Indian quarries and granite processing factories in Rajasthan

Brazilian quarries and granite processing factories

Availability scenario of Indian crystal yellow granite in India

The above-shown table exhibits a candid comparison between two granite products in a yellow hue. More or less, both the stone types are the same. But, Indian stone offers additional benefits to buyers in terms of quality, price, and delivery of the demanded stone.


 It is the presence of marigold and buff shades on the base of crystal yellow stone that makes the stone look beautiful. In addition, speckles of multiple colors on its surface catch all eyes. As far as the availability scenario of Indian crystal yellow granite in India, buyers will get options of standard granite gangsaw slabs 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm and cutter slabs 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm. Moreover, custom-sized tiles, countertops, and vanity tops can be demanded by buyers for residential and commercial uses. 

Crystal-Yellow Countertop

When it comes to knowing what sort of finishes are available for Crystal Yellow Granite product, international B2C and B2B buyers can expect stone polishes like polished, honed, sandblasted, bush hammered, bush hammered + brushed, leather, tumbled, antique (sandblasted + brushed), and lepatora. As far as edge finish of the stone product is concerned, you can expect hand cut and machine cut edges from Indian granite manufacturing units. Moreover, some granite suppliers accept one full container load as minimum order quantity. Interestingly, this stone product is available for all at a highly competitive price.

Crystal Yellow Cutter Slab
Crystal yellow tiles

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