Is Bigger Granite Kitchen Island a Better Choice?

At the very first glance, this might seem tricky, but fortunately, that is not the actually case! Undeniably, granite slabs are one of the most used natural stones inside kitchens, nearly in every corner of the world. Either you can lay them on your kitchen floor, or use it to create kitchen countertops or backsplashes; any which way, they just add to the beauty and looks of your kitchen.

Especially, the one that came from India are highly recognized globally, not just because of their superior quality and strength, but an array of shades and colors in which Indian granite varieties are available for export. You can also get them customized as per your needs and get them delivered at your doorstep; regardless of your location.

Obviously, when it comes to home renovation or extending the kitchen space, granite kitchen island is a wonderful idea. But, before installing the one, you must consider several points to make it a workable idea. Let’s look at these factors one by one.

Traffic flow inside the kitchen can be a crucial factor. You must be very much careful about it. A large kitchen island in a relatively smaller kitchen can eat up a lot of space, which otherwise could be utilized by your family members for moving around the kitchen or performing some tasks.

Secondly, you should be concerned about countertop seams while planning to install a kitchen island, especially when you are using a natural stone like granite. Well, it is not a factor that could discourage you to the extent of completely changing your mind as many people don’t find it much noticeable.

However, we cannot deny the fact that granite countertop seams are very much visible if you know that there is one or some on your kitchen island. Sadly, you can feel them with a mere touch too. On top of these, seams make granite countertop cleaning a bit difficult. While you won’t observe them in the first place, they are sure to grab your attention after sometime, only to leave you annoyed.

Besides, very large granite slabs – over and above 6 feet in width and 10 feet in length – are pretty rare as they are not that easy to be kept and handle. Plus, seams are, at times, unavoidable as it is not necessary to always have a kitchen on the ground floor and carrying such a mighty stuff through some tricky staircases can be risky. Even on a ground floor, you might have some narrow space at hallway or entryway through which, you may be required to pass the vast kitchen island before actually placing it in the kitchen. So, it can be said that seams are simply unavoidable in most cases.

However, the process of granite countertop fabrication is way easier when there is no seam. Surprisingly, the installation process can also take nearly 80% lesser time as compared to the ones with seams.

Another thing to be noted here is that while you may find a large granite slab for kitchen island, you will have just a few options to choose from. This is because their handling and storage are somewhat difficult, as already stated; so, granite suppliers and exporters usually less interested in maintaining such large stone pieces.

Next, even if you find one, you should prepare yourself to pay more for that; possibly, because of their extra maintenance and additional care that they require. Likewise, their transportation cost would be higher for high safety requirements. Thus, you should also consider safety aspect.

Also, you should question yourself that if it reaches your place, can it be easily shifted to the place of installation? Is your door size or width is large enough to safely allow mighty kitchen island to pass through it?

Incidentally, amid all these issues, one key fact is that the earlier you would consider these factors, the better decision you will be able to take. Fortunately, if nothing is likely to work, then why not to make several modifications in the conventional granite kitchen island design!















You can break your kitchen island into multiple levels; maybe, two, three or even four, depending on the size of the kitchen and design of the island. According to your choice and the effect you want to create, multiple levels can be kept in a single granite color or contrasting shades of the natural stone.

Not only this, every level can be tailored to function differently. For instance, the highest level can be clubbed with bar stools to serve foods. Similarly, other levels can be set as baking zone and chopping or cutting area. Isn’t a great, innovative idea?!

It definitely allows you to do away with countertop seams while preserving the concept of large kitchen island. Hope, you wouldn’t hesitate transforming this creative idea into a reality in your next kitchen renovation project.