Kitchen Designs: Matching Granite Countertops with Cabinets

One of the most sought-after kitchen countertop materials, granite is both functional and beautiful. Its unmatched strength, durability, non-porosity, and natural resistance to high temperature and acidic conditions make it very functional for kitchen installations, especially granite tiles and slabs as countertops. On the other hand, its occurrence in numerous shades of brown, black, white, grey, yellow, blue, red and pink along with dynamic surface patterns as streaks, flecks, waves and swirls makes it very amazing by looks.

More than 120 varieties of granite occur only in India, which is one of the top global suppliers of quality granite. Though you can contact any granite manufacturer and supplier from India; the granite quality, competitive granite prices and overall customer-oriented approach in terms of granite processing, product update, safe packing/transportation and on-time delivery that you could expect with Regatta Granites India is hard to find anywhere else. Regatta is a 17-year-old granite exporter from India that has a rich experience in satisfactorily serving international granite customers from all over the world. At Regatta, you can order any granite product in desired size, thickness, finish, style and design. To serve you better, Regatta Granites India offers various granite products in standard dimensions as well that are designed to suit most of your requirements.

Since granite is probably the best natural stone for kitchen applications, using granite for your kitchen remodeling or renovation project is something u can’t afford to avoid. However, granite countertops for your kitchen should be chosen in a way to beautifully match with other kitchen components, especially cabinets. In case you are wondering how to perfectly match granite countertop colors with your cabinets, below discussed are a few tips that can help you in such situations:

  1. Selecting Cabinets for Tan or White Shades of Granite Countertops: It is a general notion that it is relatively easy to match tan or white shades of kitchen granite tops with cabinets. But, as a matter of fact, you would never find pure-white granite. White granite is usually off-white with numerous veins and speckles in some dark color. Cabinets in dark shades can create a contrasting effect, but that can be too prominent. Alternatively, you can try to match the cabinets with the surface patterns of your granite countertop. Glazing your kitchen cabinets can be your other option to better match tan or white granite tops.
  2. Best Cabinet Choices to Match with Medium to Dark Colors of Granite Countertops: Cabinets made up of wood or oak are best suited to granite countertops that are medium to dark in color. In case you already have oak or wood cabinets, medium-brown granite with caramel or golden surface patterns would perfectly match. If you to create a contrast effect and have maple or hickory cabinets, then you can select granite with very dark or extremely light veining patterns. For kitchens that are naturally lit, it is suggested to keep the cabinet color black while keeping granite with light base, but dark surface patterns.
  3. What All Performs Well with Dark to Black Color of Granite Countertops: Granite in dark to black shades usually turns out to be the centre of attraction, so it becomes necessary to choose cabinets that should perfectly match with the bold looks of granite countertops. Cabinets in cherry color are something that best complement elegance and sophistication of granite. You can also consider espresso shade as it appears to be black, but actually is not. While white granite is quite popular for dark or black granite, you can also go for grey granite Besides, you can make your kitchen décor a little fanciful by using dazzling shades of green granite, blue granite or even yellow granite.

Selecting the right granite or in general, natural stone for your kitchen or home installation can be somewhat tricky, challenging and requires a lot of things into consideration. To avoid any mistake or skipping any important factor, it is recommended to consult an expert, usually your granite dealer or interior designer, who is having ample of experience with granite installations in homes and offices. An expert can easily guide you through the process of selection and help you choose the best granite countertops for your kitchen.