Overcoming the myth of granite as a higher maintenance product

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Maintenance of Granite Kitchen Countertop

Granite as a natural stone needs no introduction as it is full of inherent physical and chemical features. That is why a large number of people prefer to bring home this stone product for decorating their kitchens, baths and drawing rooms. When it comes to inviting granite products, most homeowners prefer to emphasize on the elements of cost, style, functionality, and maintenance. Before buying this stone product, the prime question that granite buyers face is the maintenance dilemma. Let’s move ahead and find out the right answer to the biggest myth of granite maintenance.

Black Granite Kitchen Counter top maintenance

Low maintenance granite from leading granite suppliers from India

There is a big misconception or myth that granite tiles, countertops, vanity tops or floors are very difficult to maintain. Owing to such things, a large number of granite buyers hesitate to invest their money in granite décor and construction projects. If you don’t check the facts, you will always remain ignorant of the benefits of granite products. The concrete fact is that granite is not difficult or hard to maintain. The only thing you have to do is to use the best quality sealers and materials while installing the stone products.

There are lots of home and offices in different corners of the world that have had granite in their premises for more than two decades. You needn’t seal granite products again and again. Always buy granite slabs or countertops from a leading and professional Indian granite supplier who focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. Following are the granite construction materials that don’t need sealing services frequently. Maintenance of a granite countertop becomes an easy task when you prefer routine cleaning. If the stone needs some sealer occasionally, it is not bad to apply sealers in between the edges of two stone products. Indian granite is in huge demand in the Western countries for all sorts of construction projects for many decades. Isn’t it enough to debunk the myth?

Low maintenance granite from leading granite suppliers from India

Cleaning and Maintenance of granite counter topIt is said that granite is expensive, all granite needs to be sealed, granite must be sealed every year, granite will stain and solid surfaces will not, stains in granite are permanent, heat will crack granite, solid surface is not affected by heat, granite is radioactive, and all granites have seams. All these myths have nothing to do with reality. When you use a granite product, you will be able to take a balanced decision and understand what the fact is. Let’s move ahead and find what Indian granite suppliers and manufacturers have in their bags for global buyers. These include:

⦁ Black Galaxy and Nova Black granite
⦁ Himalayan Blue and Tropical Blue granite
⦁ Tan Brown and Sparkle Brown granite
⦁ New Kashmir White and Thunder White granite
⦁ Multicolor Red and Smoka Red granite
⦁ Hassan Green and Royal Green granite

kitchen countertops maintenance

All these granite products in the form of blocks, tiles, slabs and other articles are low maintenance when you buy quality products with the best finishes from certified granite manufacturer from India. Regatta Granites India is a leading granite supplier, exporter, and manufacturer from Indian offering you quality products that need lower maintenance.