Paint your kitchen with trendy granite colors from granite exporters in 2018

Mother Nature produces rough blocks of natural stones from different quarries. These blocks come with some natural flaws that can be good and bad for natural stones: Granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, and slate. Indian stone processing units deal with the imperfections and peculiarities of stones and make them ready to use. After processing, a smooth and shining granite slab reaches your home to paint your kitchen. In the year 2018, kitchen designers are putting an emphasis on the colors that make all spaces look bigger, match with cabinet style, render a rustic look, and illuminate with an exotic touch. Granite exporters from India deal in all popular and trendy colors that give a new look and style to your ordinary kitchen.

Popular granite hues come from quarries in Rajasthan, Chennai, and Bangalore in India. There are lots of granite exporters, producers, and suppliers in India that deal in the selling and supplying of the highest quality granite colors.

2018 Popular colors for kitchen countertops from granite exporters

Kitchen trends change rapidly. Every new day, you see magazines and websites dotted with trendy designs that add a great texture to the kitchen. In 2018, you should try mesmerizing colors of countertop slabs to make your kitchen look stylish and match with cabinets and the surrounding ambiance. You can easily find the following color options with expert granite exporters from India.


White granite to make your kitchen look bigger in 2018

With multiple colors of flecks and veins on surfaces, white granite countertops make your kitchen look bigger and functional. White is the color of peace and it matches well with all colors. Try the following white hue options for making a big difference:

  • Alaska White, Colonial White, P White, Two Tan White, and French White Granite
  • Imperial White, Monte Cristo, Moon White, and New Kashmir White Granite
  • River White, S White, Viscon White, Silver White, Thunder White, and Titanium White Granite

Blue granite for finding new and stunning kitchen decorating ideas

Apart from black and white, there are many charming colors that attain the power of attraction. The blue color is simply one of them. Many homeowners find this color as a new addition to their kitchen. It also mixes well with other colors and gives a contrast look. This color renders flexibility and works well with cabinets of any style. Try the following blue color options:

  • Blue Dunes, Flash Blue, Himalayan Blue, and Imperial Blue Granite
  • Lavender Blue, Topaz Blue, and Tropical Blue Granite

Brown granite for a warm and bucolic appearance

Brown is a little bit darker and it has some limits in mingling with different cabinet colors. Nevertheless, this color emerges as one of the highest selling granite colors. It pairs well with lighter and wooden cabinetry and delivers kitchens a rustic style with the following options.

  • Baltic Brown, Baltic Brown, Bash Paradiso, and Classic Paradiso Granite
  • Coffee Brown, Copper Silk, Desert Brown, and English Teak Granite
  • Indian Aurora, Ivory Brown, Sparkle Brown, Tan Brown, and Z Brown Granite

Black granite for a real shining and dramatic look

Black is one of the most royal-looking granite varieties that deliver a dramatic look to kitchens of all sizes and types. Black granite shines well when the light hits the stone. With different hued speckles on its surface, this color boosts the aesthetics of any space. Granite exporters can offer you all these color choices:

  • Absolute Black, Black Beauty, Black Forest, and Black Galaxy Granite
  • Black Marine, Black Marquina, Black Pearl, and Black Premium Granite
  • Impala Black, Jet Black, Nova Black, Rue Black, and Sea Waves Granite

Gold granite for adding a jewel-toned touch

In order to add an exotic statement to the kitchen, you simply need a color that can provide a rich and striking appearance. Gold is such a hue that can pair with muted-colored cabinetry. If you prefer eye-soothing colors and avoid excessive colors in your kitchen, welcome gold granite in the following choices:

  • Alaska Gold, Amba Gold, Astoria Gold, and Bianco Gold Granite
  • Colonial Gold, Deora Gold, Desert Gold, Parada Gold, and Golden Beach Granite
  • Golden Trauma, Imperial Gold, Inkas Gold, Ivory Gold, and Merry Gold Granite

Regatta Granites India, one of the leading granite exporters from India, deals in a big assortment of popular granite colors. Having more than 100 granite colors, the natural stone exporter serves its global clientele with satisfaction.