Raising the Value of Homes with Granite

“Selling anything at a price higher than its cost” is the thumb rule of all investments. Buying homes are usually regarded as a long-term investment with a general notion among homeowners that the value of their homes would increase over an extended period of time. Nevertheless, the value of a home might also depreciate with time, especially if it becomes too old and unattractive with some occurrences of material deterioration within and outside the property. Hence, the current status of a property and how it is going to be renovated or improved play pivotal roles in deciding the value of any home at a given point of time. Here, granite slabs can help homeowners a lot.

Granite slabs for home improvement

Granite kitchen countertopFor a highly marketable home that can be easily sold at a high price, it is important to make smart choices for renovation or home improvement. Granite slabs are one such addition to your home interior that can be unquestionably regarded as a safe and intelligent choice for a long-term investment. Granite products are fairly popular across the globe and homeowners can be easily seen to willfully pay a few extra bucks for its impressive features. On one hand, its occurrence in eye-pleasing shades with dynamic patterns of streaks, swirls and waves make it treat to eyes; while on the other hand, its properties like strength, durability and resistance to high temperatures and acidic/alkaline environments make it a very highly functional stone that can last a lifetime with a little care and maintenance.

granite flooring for homeValue increase is all about return on investment (ROI), which means how much profit one makes after selling the property while putting into consideration the initial cost of the same as well as any expense on renovation or home improvement projects. In case of kitchens, using granite slabs can enhance a property’s value by 80-100% of the total project cost. The more updated and good looking the kitchen is the more return it is expected to bring to its seller.

Granite slabs application in kitchens

granite vanity top for bathroomGranite can be used in kitchens for creating kitchen islands, backsplashes and countertops. In complementing or contrasting shades, it can be effectively used to add a considerable value to the kitchen. In addition to kitchens, it is also regarded as a great material for bathroom renovation. Be it in the form of floor tiles, vanity tops, bathtub surrounds or shower wall covering; granite performs really well inside bathrooms. Moreover, large slabs and tiles can be used in creative ways to cover walls and floors, respectively in various sections inside a house, such as living space and bedroom.

Granite wall tile for living roomIndian granite is a huge hit in the international market; probably because of its availability in a wide range of colors and dynamic patterns as well as high quality. To get a customized granite product in desired color, size and finish for home renovation or improvement work, all you need is to contact a reputed granite exporter from India that can assure you of high granite quality, safe transportation and timely delivery of granite products.

Granite vanitytopA property’s value should always be considered both aesthetically and in terms of money. However, both these factors are closely inter-related. This is because, a property with aesthetically appealing exteriors and interiors is sure to give you high ROI, whereas, those with outdated or old installations and dull looks can’t be expected to bring in much cash. Granite has been used for construction purposes for centuries and is still a great option to significantly raise the value of your property.