Spa-inspired floor tiles for a stylish bath

Granite is a hard-wearing and versatile material and this quality makes it a suitable choice for bathroom walls and flooring applications. All of us know that countertops made of granite tiles are excellent and they also add no additional burden to your pockets. If you can compare granite tiles with marble or sandstone tiles, you will find granite floor tiles more performing, strong, and affordable. The thing that makes granite a right stone for your bathroom is its ability to resist stains of grease, oil, or juices. The factor of beauty, practicality, and durability makes granite floor tiles an ultimate choice for bathroom flooring.

There are many granite tile suppliers and manufacturers that can offer you the right floor tiles for adding more gleam and perfection to your bathroom surface.


Garnering a spa-inspired bath with granite tiles

Now, the prime thing is why granite tiles are good for a spa-inspired bath. These days, the concept of bathrooms is changing rapidly as they are not just any space where you spend 10-15 minutes. They are more than functional rooms. Bathrooms inspired by deluxe spas are getting immense popularity for creating an ambiance where you can unwind after a long hectic day.

Spas are known for giving customers the best comfort with a natural texture and character that render a new meaning to aesthetic appeal and pleasure. That is why polished granite tiles offer an extremely classic look to the bathing space. These tiles are the best materials for floor and wall decoration. Be it mosaics on the wall or having a strong floor, these tiles make a big difference. With a right color scheme and the right size of tile, you can add a better environmental scenario that imparts you a cozy floor in comfort. Plainly speaking, it is all about having a feeling of hassle-free performance.

Right size and the right color for spa-like granite tiles

Once you have decided to bring home a range of granite tiles for bathroom floor decoration, it is high time to know what tile size and color will work well in your bathing space. Taking help from home decor specialist can make things happen in your favor. Below-mentioned is some of the unique sizes and colors of granite tiles you can consider for creating an opulent style with spa type floors. These include:

Bathroom tiles for floors and walls

  • Square Tile Sizes: 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 16”, 18” and 24”
  • Rectangular Tile Sizes: 1”x2”, 3” and 4”; 2”x3”, 4”, 5”, 6” and 8”; 3”x4”, 5”, 6” and 8”; 4”x4.5”, 5”, 6” and 8”; 5”x2”, 3”, 4,”6” and 8”, and 6”x8”
  • Subway Tile Sizes: 1”x3”, 4” and 6”; 2”x4”, 6”, 8” and 12”; 3”x6”, 8” and 12”, and 4”x8”, 12” and 16”
  • Plank Tile Sizes: 4”x12” and 48”; 6”x24”, 36” and 48”; 7”x20”; 8”x32”, 36”, and 48”; 9”x36”; 12”x24” and 48”, and 16”x32
  • Hexagon and Octagon Tile Size: 4”, 6” and 8”
  • Mosaic Tile Sizes:.5”x.5”; 1” square; 1.5” square; and 2 square

Popular colors for granite tiles

  • Aqua, Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Chocolate, and Cream
  • Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Cream, Dark Green, and Dark Grey
  • Dark Red, Duck Egg, Gold, Green, Grey, Light Blue, and Light Brown
  • Light Cream, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Metallic, Off White, and Orange
  • Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver Grey, Teal, White, and Yellow

How to choose floor tiles for bathroom?

Your bathroom space gives a new meaning to the exquisiteness and durability with granite tiles. You can choose from options of a traditional, modern, contemporary, and retro style. These tiles resist water and make your smaller spaces look bigger and spacious. Let’s discuss some points that can help you have the right bathroom floor tiles in granite as a material.

  • Prefer a grout color for giving a floor a new look and stands out against granite tiles.
  • For smaller bathrooms, go for smaller tiles to render the existing space a large look.
  • Use a tile that is resilient, water-resistant, and offers a stone or wood look.
  • For making a right rhythm, use same tiles for floors and walls.
  • For having a feeling of large spaces, use large granite wall tiles.
  • Accent walls are the best resource of dazzling bathrooms.
  • Tile floors render your feet a warm feeling.

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