Viscon White Granite Countertops from India to Complement Your Kitchen Spaces

We all are pretty much aware of the global popularity of Indian granite. Well, it is one such natural stone that truly deserves all those appreciation. In fact, India in itself is one the leading global suppliers of granite, exporting a range of North and South Indian granite varieties in different parts of the world. In addition to red, blue, brown, pink, yellow and black granite, white granite from India has gained immense popularity in the last couple of years; especially, the viscon white granite, which is highly acclaimed for its eye-soothing looks and superior quality.

Viscon white granite finds innumerable applications, both inside and outside homes. While it is extensively used to produce floor tiles, steps, risers, feature walls and vanity tops, it is the viscon white countertop which is by far its most popular application inside homes. The way it transforms the look of a kitchen is simply incomparable.

Viscon white granite from India comes with a white base with a highly dynamic surface pattern that adds to its charming appearance. In dark to light grey tones, numerous swirls and waves stretch across its surface that is very unique in its own way. Moreover, the white color of viscon granite allows the space of its installation to appear larger than its actual size; another advantage of this natural stone. For all these reasons, viscon white countertops from India are globally employed by many homeowners to boost the aesthetic appeal for their kitchen spaces.

Besides, its enticing shade and dynamic surface design patterns, it possess all the good qualities of Indian granite — high strength, extreme durability and natural resistance to heat and acidic conditions; all collectively making it just the perfect Indian granite for kitchen applications. Additonally, this viscon white can be used to create backsplashes inside kitchens. A large kitchen island made out of viscon white granite can impart a calm yet spacious look to your kitchen.

Due to the immense popularity of this granite, a lot of granite manufacturers and suppliers are engaged in the extraction and supply of this variety. However, to get the best of this granite variety, you must contact a reputed viscon white countertop supplier from India. Well, you must also count on other factors like customer satisfaction, reasonable price, timely deliveries, packaging of granite, quality checks and overall professionalism of a viscon white granite exporter from India. In case you are considering all these aspects, then, for sure, you can rely on Regatta Granites India, which is an 18-year-old Indian supplier and exporter of viscon white granite tiles and countertops.

In addition to viscon white granite, you can get other shades of white granite from India in high quality and at competitive prices from Regatta Granites India. Well, the extensive portfolio of more than 105 granite varieties in multiple shades of black, brown, green, red, pink, yellow, gold and more is sure to leave you in awe. So, Regatta Granites India is not just one-stop destination for all your viscon white granite needs, but other granite requirements for interior as well exterior applications.