Stone of the month: Colonial White Granite

Comes under the category of white granites, Colonial White Granite is a South Indian granite that is quarried in the state of Tamil Nadu. This off-white granite features a creamish-grey colored surface with dark-colored particles scattered all over. Colonial White Granite is known by several names like Platinum White, Buckingham White, New Imperial White, and […]

How much does a granite slab weigh?

In recent times, granite has emerged as the first and foremost choice people have for the different areas of their home like kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom countertops. The natural stone is not only visually appealing, but it is very hard and exhibits superb resistance to heat, moisture, stains, and regular wear and tear. This […]

Stone of the month: Green Pearl Granite

Granite stone is one natural stone that comes in a plethora of color and pattern choices. Among all the available options, Green Pearl Granite is a popular option in modern architecture. This green Indian granite is mainly known for its amazing tenacity, durability, and low radiation. This is what makes it an ideal choice for […]

Stone of the month: Astoria Granite

Whenever it comes to determining the most visually stunning granites in India, Astoria Granite remains an inherent part of the list. Due to its breathtaking looks and hardness, this bright-colored granite from India is widely exported to other countries like the USA, UK, Europe, China, and others. Astoria Granite comes in multiple finishes like honed, […]

The Granite Processing Life Cycle

Being one of the world’s toughest materials, granite has been used in construction for hundreds of years. Not only it is used for flooring and granite countertops, but it is also used to prepare gym walls and curling balls. Granite is one of the most commonly found igneous rocks, converting a large portion of continental […]

10 Reasons Why Granite Is Considered Superior To Quartz

For ages, natural stones have been to décor up our homes and commercial establishments. From kitchen countertops to tabletops, floors, and other architectural elements, the superb hard-wearing capability and natural finishes of natural stones make them an excellent choice for a number of applications worldwide. Some of the widely used natural stones are marble, granite, […]

How to check the quality of Black Galaxy Granite?

When it comes to determining the most popular black granites, Black Galaxy Granite appears on the top. Due to its extreme level of versatility, durability, and stunning looks, this granite remains the most preferred choice among architects, construction contractors, builders, and homeowners. The stone carries an inherent visual appeal that gives a royal touch to […]

Stone of the month: Thunder White Granite

Also known by the name of White Thunder Granite, Thunder White Granite is one of the popular granite stones all across the world, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. This natural stone features subtle greys and garnets dispersed across its white base. It is sturdier, versatile, beautiful, and most importantly gels feasibly […]

Popular ASTM International Standards for Granite Testing

Popularly called ASTM International, “American Society for Testing and Materials”, ASTM refers to a creator of international controlled accord standards.  ASTM standards are released by committees of significant industry experts who meet and discuss routinely in an open and transparent process to prepare quality standards, testing methodologies, qualifications, guides, and practices. The use of ASTM […]

Latest Trends in Natural Stone for 2021

At a time when the world has been reeling under the devastating impact of coronavirus, all industrial sectors got affected due to the global economic slowdown and home decor is also one of the hugely affected sectors. Due to the high level of uncertainty prevailing globally, people were unable to spend money on home décor. […]

The Importance of Quality Control in Granite Industry

The use of natural stones like granite is quite prevalent in both residential and commercial building construction due to the amazing look and sturdiness the stone offers. Apart from this, granite’s ability to resist regular wear and tear like scratches, chips, stains makes it a great choice in the architectural landscape. Though different types of […]

How Environmentally Sustainable Is Granite?

With more and more people becoming aware of green building concepts, the demand for eco-friendly products has witnessed a sharp increase. The core concept is to reduce the carbon footprints which is the topmost priority today among architects, homeowners, builders, and construction contractors. This is because adopting green building concepts is found to considerably reduce […]

Why Americans are so obsessed with granite countertops?

Though the use of granite in various architectural applications is quite common, the natural stone is found to be amazingly popular among Americans for its use in countertops. According to the latest study (NAHB), it has been discovered that granite is the most popular countertop material despite the availability of numerous materials at present. In […]