B2B Buyers, Pay Competitive Granite Countertop Price!

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Every big or small B2B buyer likes to buy granite products at a competitive price without comprising on quality.  All granite countertops are not the same, so are granite countertops price. From countertop edges to quality and from countertop fabrication to purchasing points, there are lots of factors that affect the price of a particular granite product. Read here, what helps global buyers get the most competitive price for granite countertops?

granite-slabs wholesale market

Factors affecting granite countertops price

B2B buyers buy granite countertops from different granite markets to cater to the exact needs of their targeted audience. They deal in the buying and selling of all granite colors as per the demand of quality and quantity. Some markets offer quality countertops at higher prices whereas some markets supply the same stone at a lower price tag. Why does it happen? There is a difference between buying granite from a local granite dealer and buying from a granite hub where granite is available on a large scale. Whether B2B buyers are searching for granite cost per square foot or granite price per square feet in India, the following suggestions will let them know how to get the right granite countertop price. Let’s move ahead and discuss the points that put a light on why the price of granite countertops varies.

Availability of granite stone

Buying a particular stone from any specific location in bulk is a long process and it consumes time. Granite sellers need to check their inventory status before accepting the order. If the stone is available in bulk and inventory is supple, buyers can have the countertop stone at a competitive price. If sellers are not able to meet instant needs, buyers have to wait. If buyers need stone at a short notice despite supply limitation, they may move to another seller who is selling the stone at a higher cost.

Countertop design and color

There are some colors available in plenty and not demanded by many people. Such colors are likely to be less cheap. Stone colors that are rare and available under a monopoly market can make buyers pay more. Standard size countertops are available at cheaper prices as they are readymade. But, manufacturers make custom size countertops on orders. That is why buyers have to pay an inflated price for having such countertop types.

Granite Colors

Countertop edge treatment

Plain countertops in a particular shape and size are available at general prices. Processing of countertops with special edges, like bullnose, square, eased, bevelled, pencil, waterfall, and ogee, adds more to the cost of stone. Countertops with straight and square edge make buyers pay less. But, complex formed edges add burden on the pocket of buyers. So, edge treatment plays a vital role in deciding the right granite countertops price.

Granite Edge Finishes

Countertop size and thickness

When bought from the market, the dimensions of larger slabs make buyers adjust with fewer seams and more wastage. All granite slabs are not available in the size that matches the exact needs of the project. Sometimes, you need another slab to exact needs. When granite suppliers offer larger slabs, they charge a uniform price. The thickness of stone also matters the most. Some granite factories produce thinner stone to maximize the big block. If buyers need thicker stones, they have to pay more.


Grading/quality of granite

Granite has three grades that decide its original quality. Premium, standard, and commercial are three major divisions of granite quality. Parameters of water absorption, density, resistance, and flexural strength are important factors for measuring quality. Premium quality is higher and it comes with no defects at all. Standard quality is lower than the premium segment but greater than the commercial level. Commercial quality is an average quality sold at a wider level in the competitive market. These three categories define granite’s appearance, strength, and durability. That is why all granite countertops price is not the same.

Granite Quality Testing

Granite fabrication

Granite countertops are liked by millions for flawless beauty and appearance. For having desired beauty from countertop products, proper fabrication of the stone is mandatory. To do so, a countertop has to pass through the process of perfect edge placements, finishes, and seam blending. Remember that a fabricated countertop product always adds more burden to the pocket.



Granite origin source

If a granite factory exists near the origin source (quarry) of granite, it will face minimal transportation expenses. If not, such expenses will be a part of the inflated price of slabs. Moreover, materials quarried within a particular native area are less expensive for local buyers. If granite countertops are purchased from foreign locations or shipped from across the globe, the cost of granite will be higher. Besides, it is the labor cost that affects the price of every material.

Granite quarry India

Granite purchase point

The point from where buyers are getting stone is another big factor. If you are purchasing granite materials direct from the factory, you will get countertop materials cheap prices. Here, the buying point matters the most with reference to quality granite countertops price. If you buy the same stone through an agent, who adds its profit in the selling prices of granite countertops, get ready to spend more bucks. Buying stones from granite hubs is less costly than buying the same from a market that is not very popular at the global level.

Granite loading in container

All these factors are real and contribute to deciding the price status of the stone products you are going to have. Apart from these factors, there may be other things that affect granite countertops price. As a B2B buyer, you need to get in touch with an ISO-certified granite manufacturer and supplier who offers quality products through shipping at competitive prices.