Choosing the Right Granite for Your Bathroom

Granite is such a versatile natural stone that it can be used for almost every application inside homes; be it as kitchen countertops, backsplashes, feature walls in living spaces, wall/flooring tiles or even as vanity tops in bathrooms. Apart from its occurrence in a range of mesmerizing shades, it bears properties like strength, durability and resistance to high temperature and acidic conditions that make it perfect for kitchen and bathroom applications. Considering the special case of bathrooms, granite is easy to clean and maintain as it is almost non-porous, has anti-microbial features and less prone to stains and scratches.

Indian granite varieties, occurring both in North and South India, are in great demand all over the world. Granite occurs in more than 100 varieties with each differing from the others with respect to shades and dynamic surface patterns. Owing to its superior quality; granite is extensively exported from India, which is presently the topmost granite exporter in the world. In desired size, finish, design and shape, any granite product can be ordered from a reputed granite supplier and exporter from India, who is globally known for delivering quality products in various countries within the committed time frame.

Several times a day, we use bathrooms and for most of us, it is the very place that we visit after leaving the bed in the morning. Hence, a bathroom should be designed in a way that it should immediately rejuvenate your senses and make you active for the whole day. Selecting the right stone and shade are important to give a refreshing look to your bathroom. Granite is one such stone that performs exceptionally well inside bathrooms, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Be it about installing a countertop and backsplash or creatively using tiles to cover walls and flooring, granite has always been a popular choice for bathrooms among homeowners as well as interior designers. Below are a few tips that can certainly help you in selecting the right granite for your bathroom:

1. The Naturality of Granite: Granite occurs in multiple shades of grey, brown, green, black, white, red, pink and yellow, and displays dynamic surface patterns in the forms of streaks, waves and patches. Since these occur naturally, no two pieces or slabs of granite can be exactly same. There is always some sort of non-uniformity in terms of color and surface patterns. Nevertheless, this is a good thing as it imparts a more naturalistic look to your bathroom.

2. The Thicker Tiles of Granite in Comparison to Engineered Tiles: Never let the additional thickness and heaviness of granite discourage you to use it in your bathroom. Instead, you should plan accordingly to firmly install the heavy granite tiles.

3. Avoid Using Wide Grout Lines and Use Grout Color as the Choice of Granite: You can find a number of people using grout as a decorative element while installing ceramic tiles, but unfortunately it doesn’t work well in the case of granite. In fact, one should completely avoid using it as this might become a hindrance in bringing out the desired look of bathroom with granite.

4. Using Large Tiles for Floors and Small Ones for Walls: This is suggested by many designers as large tiles on floors make the bathroom look more spacious. Small tiles are suggested for wall covering as they are easy to install when compared with bulky and large granite tiles.

5. A Lot Can Spill On the Granite Countertop Surface: From liquid soaps and toothpastes to make-up remover, anything might fall onto the surface of a granite countertop. Though granite is good at resisting stains, it is still semi-porous in nature. However, with sealing one can easily make the granite countertop completely non-porous as well resistant to minor scratches and stains.

Keeping all these points in mind, you can make smart choices for your granite bathroom installations. Whether you are constructing a new bathroom or just planning to renovate it, granite is sure to give a unique yet natural touch to your bathroom.