Cleaning, Polishing, Sealing and Protection of Granite Countertops

By far, whtie granite is considered the best material for making countertops, especially in the natural stone category. In addition to its amazing shades and design patterns; properties like hardness, durability and resistance to extreme temperature and pH conditions make granite a popular material for countertop. So, white granite countertops are selling like hot cakes.

Protection of Granite CountertopsThough granite naturally occurs in different regions of the world, it is the Indian granite that is fairly popular. All across the globe, white granite countertops made of Indian granite is revered for its fine quality and amazing looks. In case you are looking for the same, you need to contact a reputed granite manufacturer or supplier in India.

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Whatever may be the natural stone product and the place of its origin, maintenance of the same is something that cannot be avoided. With good care and maintenance, white granite countertops can be kept shining and intact for a long time. Regular cleaning, polishing and taking protective measures are necessary to achieve the same. Here are a few points that one can consider to ensure longevity of granite countertops.


  • Cleaning on a Regular Basis: Periodic maintenance ensures long life of your granite countertop, and at the same time, saves you from indulging in deep and tough cleaning procedures.
  1. Avoid using any ammonia, vinegar or citrus for cleaning purpose, which would otherwise dull the shine of the countertop.
  2. A soft cloth and lukewarm water should be used for cleaning countertops.
  3. Immediately dry away the countertop to avoid water spots on the countertop surface. Use a dry, soft cloth for this process.
  • Get a High-Quality Granite Polish, Cleaner and Sealer: All these are required for a deep cleaning.

Tip: Use only granite-specific cleaners to avoid any damage to granite countertop. A soft cloth should be used to wipe off the cleaner.

Granite Cleaning


  • Applying the Granite Polish: Spread the polish uniformly on the countertop surface.
  • Allow it to Stand: Let it be there touched for 3 to 4 minutes; depending on the type of polish.
  • Rubbing the Countertop with a Cloth: Gently rub the surface of the countertop with a clean and soft cloth. Continue with the process until it becomes free of marks and achieves the desired shine.


  • Testing the Granite Finish: Even if a countertop looks great and glossy, it is all the time susceptible to damages from water and fluids.
  1. Pour a small quantity of water on the granite countertop.
  2. If the water settles on the surface, then no further effort has to be taken.
  3. In case the water gets absorbed by the granite, follow the next step.
  • Applying the Granite Sealer: Sealer should be applied only on completely dry and mark-free countertops.
  1. First of all, test the granite sealer by spraying on a small and not-so-prominent spot on the countertop.
  2. To avoid over-spraying, keep working successively on small areas. Thereafter, gently wipe the granite sealer in a uniform manner all across the surface of the countertop.
  3. Use a soft, cotton cloth for this and keep wiping for 3-4 minutes until the surface gets entirely dry.
  • Leave the Sealer for Around 30 Minutes: The time required to keep the sealer untouched depends on the type of sealer. Do read the instructional manual that usually comes with the sealer container.
  • Repeat the Water Test: Spread some water on the granite countertop. If it remains on the surface, the job is done; if it seeps into the granite, apply another layer of sealer.


  • Using Coasters: It is not necessary that a granite countertop would get damaged, stained or dull by every liquid, but it is suggested to take protective measures as prevention is always better than cure.
  • Avoid Putting Hot Pots & Pans on the Countertop Surface Directly: Though hot pans and pots can not cause any relevant damage to a granite countertop, scratches might occur on its surface when kept directly on it. Use trivets and pot holders beneath pans and pots to prevent the same.
  • Make Use of Cutting Boards: This would not only prevent scratches on the granite surface, but also preserve the sharpness of the knife.
  • Quickly Remove Spills: Try to initially soak in the spills into the cleaning cloth and then wipe off the countertop surface. This will prevent the liquid to spread out.

Weather you already have a granite countertop or planning to install a one at your property, the above discussed tips can be largely beneficial for its longevity.