Dark Color Granites for a Timeless and Stylish Visual Appeal

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One of the primary reasons behind the increasing popularity of granite stone is its diversity in terms of colors and design patterns. Use it in countertops, backsplashes, or any other area, their nature-kissed hues always lend an eclectic environment everywhere. Though granite comes in various colors, dark-color granite usually remains a favorite among builders, homeowners, contractors, and architects. Here is why.

Black Galaxy Granite Floor Tile
Black Galaxy Flooring

What gives Granite its color?

Granite refers to an intrusive igneous rock that contains big-size grains that are visible to the naked eye. Mostly, Granite stones are found to be pink, white, disparities of grey and black. However, it’s necessary to keep in mind that some stones are sold as black ‘granite’ despite the fact that a granite stone must have a minimum of 20% quartz within it to make it a true granite.

Baltic Brown

Granite is largely considered an accumulation of various minerals and rocks, mainly quartz, mica, feldspar, amphiboles, and others. Granite usually has 20-60% quartz, 10-65% feldspar, and 5-15% biotite. The composition of these minerals gives granite a distinctive color at the time of formation.

The qualified proportion of various minerals in a granite stone is mostly due to the native source of molten rock that gets cooled to take the shape of granite. If the molten rock has large quantities of feldspar, the granite is more probable to be of pink color. On the other side, if the molten rock has large amounts of quartz and minerals that constitute amphibole, the final granite stone is likely to be a stone with black and white speckles.

  • Quartz – milky white color
  • Feldspar – off-white color
  • Muscovite – metallic gold or yellow color
  • Biotite – black or dark brown color
  • Amphibole – black or dark green color
  • Potassium Feldspar – pink color

Among various granite stone colors, dark colors are usually preferred more among granite admirers. This is because these colors give a royal look to any place. Be it countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, flooring, wall cladding, or others, dark-colored granite is truly a classy choice over light-colored ones. Below are the major reasons why dark-colored granites like Baltic Brown Granite are so popular.

Reasons Why Dark Color Granite Stones Are So Popular

  • Dark granite is considered denser than a light-colored granite. Light granite is not as dense as dark granite, making it quite vulnerable to cracking, staining, and other impairment. Though all variants of granite are amazingly hard-wearing, but darker granite is found to perform better against extreme wear and tear.
  • Dark color looks more appealing as compared to light color. This is because mostly light-colored walls are done and the installation of dark-colored granite complements the overall environment much better.
  • One can find more varieties in dark-colored granite as compared the light-colored ones. And the presence of grains is more prominent is granites like Baltic brown granite, absolute black granite and others.
  • More varieties of granite is available under the dark granite category.
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial construction projects. A versatile home design product that could be an ultimate choice for countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, table tops, and others.

The Luxury Factor

Black Galaxy Granite

One most important reason that gives dark granite an edge over light-colored granite is its ability to provide a luxurious and elegant character to space. Use it in your office or home or any public place like hospitals, malls, shopping complexes, auditoriums, or others, darker granites like black galaxy granite and Inkas Gold Granite always level up that much-needed luxury element.

A place decorated with dark-colored granite gives an upscale visual charm to the overall space from flooring to the ceiling. Now, let’s look at some of the most popular dark-hued granites from India.

Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown Granite Slab
Baltic Brown Granite

Quarried from South India, Baltic Brown Granite is one of the widely exported granite stones from India to countries like the US, UK, EU, and UAE. It is largely used in countertops, walls, floorings, fountains, window sills, and staircase, etc.

Featuring a remarkable black backdrop and light brown-colored speckled spread all over it, the stone highlights a luxurious feel to the environment. It is also one of the strongest granite stones from India. For those who love to give an upscale feel to their places, this granite emerges as the most sought-after choice. It is also known by the name of Brown Baltic Granite, Brown Luumaki Granite, Baltik Braun Granite, Baltic Brown V Granite, etc.

Inkas Gold Granite

Inkas Gold Granite Supplires
Inkas Gold Granite

The next on the list is Inkas Gold Granite which is also quarried from South India. Featuring a dramatic aesthetical appeal, this Indian granite comes in a wide range of finishes and sizes. So, no matter what kind of construction project you are running, you are more likely to get the best fit for the same.

Boasting a pale yellowish background, the granite surface has dark brown and grey-colored waves and speckles running all over it. It is mostly used to adorn countertops, fountains, walls, floor, and window sills.

Black Pearl Granite

Black Pearl Granite

Available in multiple finishes like brushed, polished, bush-hammered, flamed, and Lepatora, this Indian granite remains in high demand throughout the year. Once installed, this granite gives an irresistible visual appeal to the surface that would be having no match.

When seeing it from a distance, this black Indian granite’s surface looks consistent and on a closer look, its complex patterns get visible. In projects where contractors want to give an exotic touch to a place, this granite is widely preferred.

Whether it is to spruce up the looks of a kitchen or giving an inviting feel to a mall’s floor, these dark-colored granites always emerge as a winning choice among homeowners, architects, construction contractors, builders, and others. Not only do they look flawless, but they also exhibit superb performance in terms of resistance and durability. This might be the reason why the popularity of granite has been increasing with every passing day.