Difference Between Polished And Honed Granite

Granite is one of the most widely appreciated natural stones in the world. This is because of its wider variety, prolonged durability, sturdiness, and availability in various finishes provided by granite suppliers. Be it a residential construction application or a commercial one, granite stone is deeply processed by granite suppliers by the application of required finishes on the granite’s surface. Some of the popular granite finishes are Lepatora, honed, polished, brushed, bush-hammered, and flamed.

The role of granite finishes as the original granite extracted from a quarry may have a rough surface. This is why its surface needs to be treated before the application of the same. Among them, the two most widely applied finishes are Polished and Honed.
No matter how stunning and useful granite may be, the specific sort of finish you select for the granite surfaces in your house will have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your surroundings as well as the ongoing care needs of the stone. Granite may be treated with a variety of textures and sheens, each of which has unique characteristics, like the majority of natural stones. You must be knowledgeable about the benefits and drawbacks of the various surface treatments if you want to make an informed choice for your new interior design.

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Difference Between Polished and Honed Granite

In the case of granite, several finishing procedures are applied to the unfinished stone slab. The slab runs through many polishing wheels with harsh abrasive pads initially. These pads push on the stone, smoothing and polishing its surface.

When producers halt the polishing procedure before the surface of granite countertops shines, leaving it with a satin or matte look, they produce a honed granite finish.

When the stone is rubbed with the aid of delicate polishing pads, a polished granite finish is produced by granite suppliers in India, giving the surface a shiny, reflected aspect.

The intended usage of the stone and your personal tastes will determine which finish is best for your house. Here are the key benefits and drawbacks of polished granite versus honed granite that you should consider before making your ultimate decision.

Visual Characteristics of Honed and Polished Granites

No matter the finish, granite will add a distinctive and opulent aspect to the space, boosting the attractiveness and value of your house overall. All you have to do is choose the finish type that best reflects your creative goals and aesthetic preferences.

Polished Granite

If you want a sophisticated, fashionable appearance, polished granite is the best choice for granite countertops. It enhances the granite’s natural beauty and produces majesty and elegance that are unequaled. When polished, granite displays the unique qualities of the stone in a glossy, mirror-like surface that elegantly reflects light. The surface is flawless and smooth, and the hues appear deeper and richer.

Actually, the polished surface highlights the stone’s depth and boosts the vibrancy of the hues. A variety of hues are offered, including gold, black, white, and grey tones.
The best possible finish is thought to be the polished surface finish. It significantly improves interior design’s richness and elegance and has appropriately earned the designation as a symbol of grandeur and splendor. A polished granite countertop is really elegant and gorgeous. Granite that has been polished has long represented majesty and grandeur.

Honed Granite

Compared to polished granite, honed granite has a softer, more organic appearance and feel. They preserve the exquisite natural stone’s high-class quality while exuding a laid-back and informal atmosphere to granite countertops.

Granite that has been honed might have a low shine or a matte finish. Although it has a highly velvety and smooth surface to the touch, it lacks the polished finish’s high degree of brilliance and reflection. As a result, it does not exhibit the granite stone’s color, texture, or polished surface. However, compared to polished granite’s glossy appearance, many homeowners choose this more understated look. Additionally, because honed granite is less common than polished granite, it gives your house a distinctive, and cozy appearance.
Honed granite is typically used for flooring, staircases, and other locations where water could be present and pose a risk of falling since honed surfaces are less slick than polished ones. Honed surfaces are also chosen for high-traffic areas since they are less likely to exhibit signs of traffic patterns or wear than polished surfaces, which might result in premature deterioration or wear from heavy foot traffic.

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Granite that has been polished or honed, which is more expensive? Does polished granite cost more money? Pricing for granite is influenced by a number of factors, including availability, origin, finish type, uniqueness of hues and patterns, etc.

Given that polished granite requires more grinding than honed granite, it makes sense that polished stone would be more expensive. However, given how popular polished finishes are, it’s very likely that they will be available. Because it is so widely available, polish granite frequently costs less than honed granite. The cost of an uncommon finish that requires a special order may be higher even when the production method is simpler.

The Conclusion

Want to buy polished or honed granite? Because each finishing technique has benefits and drawbacks, there is no obvious choice. Your ultimate choice of the best granite suppliers in India will be based on your own tastes and the features of your living space. Make sure you gather all the relevant details, read online customer reviews, compare costs and maintenance requirements, and look at a few examples before making your final decision.

Whether it is polished or honed, granite offers the durability and longevity of a high-performance natural stone. Thanks to the many finishes available, you may utilize granite’s beauty and practicality in a way that perfectly satisfies your needs, aesthetic preferences, as well as your overall home décor.