Exclusive Ivory Granite Colors for Commercial Needs

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In the long list of granite colors, ivory granite colors play an important role as they are classically-beautiful and add value to any property. From pinkish tones to creamy colors and from tiny tinges to light grey hues, there are many elements of granite surface that attract all. Go through the content below and know more about unique ivory color options in the granite stone category. Also, find out what the Indian granite market has for global B2B buyers.  

Unique ivory granite color options

Granite has been around us for many years in various forms (slabs and tiles) and colors. Due to its unique physical and chemical features, granite is in huge demand. There are lots of granite factories and processing units that are ready to cater to different construction project needs. Apart from surface aesthetics, color is the main aspect that catches all eyes. With white and off-white colors, granite makes its presence felt in the competitive market. If you go beyond traditional colors, you will find that ivory granite colors offer you an element of freshness. B2B buyers always come with varying commercial needs and buy a few selective colors. Let’s move ahead and check what ivory granite color options are available for many projects.  

New ivory white granite

Real name – Ivory white granite

Additional names – Colonial ivory granite and milky white granite

Color – White

Destination of origin – South India

Edge finish – Machine cut

Recommended Usage – Commercial and domestic construction projects

Surface finish – All popular ones

Unique feature – White backdrop on the surface with tiny dots of grey hues

New Ivory white Granite

Ivory fantasy granite 

Real name – Ivory fantasy granite

Additional names – Fantasy Ivory Granite

Color – Yellow

Destination of origin – South India

Edge finish – Machine cut

Recommended Usage – Commercial and residential construction projects

Surface finish – All popular ones

Unique feature – Light grey streaks and brown dots

Ivory fantasy granite product

Ivory gold granite

Real name – Ivory gold granite

Additional names – Ivory Cream Gold Granite, Ivory Golden Granite

Color – Golden

Unique feature – Golden yellow color with shades of pale rose and ivory white

Destination of origin – South India

Surface finish – All popular types

Edge finish – Machine cut

Recommended Usage – Residential and commercial construction projects

Ivory Gold Granite Supplires

Ivory chiffon granite

Real name – Ivory chiffon granite

Additional names – Chiffon ivory granite

Color – Beige

Destination of origin – Tamil Nadu, South India

Unique feature – Ivory beige backdrop and streaks of gray and brown hues

Edge finish – Machine cut

Recommended Usage – All sorts of construction projects

Surface finish – All popular ones

ivory chiffon granite product

Ivory brown granite

Real name – Ivory brown granite

Additional names – Ivory brown chiffon granite, ivory brown light granite, ivory beige granite, and chiffon beige granite

Color – Brown

Surface finish – Popular ones

Edge finish – Machine cut

Unique feature – Irregularly-dispersed speckles of grey and black tones and pale reddish-brown base

Destination of origin – South India

Recommended Usage – Domestic and commercial construction projects

Ivory Brown Granite Suppliers

Ivory granite colors in Indian granite market for B2B buyers

Like China and Brazil, India is also a popular granite hub where a large number of granite buyers flock in the search of superb granite colors. The Indian market is capable of catering to the B2B granite needs of buyers in an effective manner. From soothing ivory white granite to ivory fantasy granite, there are lots of popular ivory granite colors available in the Indian granite marble. Primarily, B2B buyers opt for white, yellow, beige, golden, and brown in the search of ivory colors.

With lots of popular ivory granite colors, the Indian granite market serves buyers with granite tiles and slabs (gangsaw and cutter) in standard and custom sizes. The following are some of the options for ivory granite colors available at competitive prices in the granite hub.

Available products:

  • Cutter slabs – 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
  • Gangsaw slabs – 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
  • Tiles – 30×30, 30×60, 60×60 cm
  • Countertops and vanitytops – Custom sizes

Available finishes: Honed, lepatora, antique, leather, sandblasted, brushed, and bush-hammered 

Application areas: Countertops, wall, floor, fountain, stairs, window, and sills

Ivory white block inspection


When it comes to picking all these ivory granite colors from a perfect destination, the Indian granite market makes a big difference to all B2B buying needs. With lots of certified ivory granite suppliers and exporters, the market is capable of supplying granite for all sorts of residential and commercial projects at the global level.