Welcome to the processing factory of Regatta Granites where rough blocks extracted from different South India quarries are processed into the premium quality granite products, such as slabs, articles, and tiles. We comprehend the significance of the right size and pattern of granite for our global customers as per their changing needs. That is why we give importance to the concept of the customer first. From granite extracting to loading, from cleaning to cutting, from drying to polishing, and from packing to quality inspection, we give priority to all international guidelines and standards in a fair manner.

Factory Location

Regatta Granites India

Location – Adhiyamman Temple Street

First Cross No. 4/382, Moovender Nagar, Bagalur Road

Hosur, Krishnagiri (DT), Tamil Nadu – 635109

We make use of advanced technologies and employ state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to cut, shape and design granite slabs and tiles in all sizes, thickness, and finishes.  We own one of up-to-date granite factories in India that use modern machines, like honing machine, calibration machine, cutting machine, and tumbling machine. With 24/7 availability of sufficient backup power supply for incessant manufacturing, we ensure flawless production of granite products and articles. Various candid features of our Hosur plant are as follows:

  • A variety of finishes and patterns of granite
  • Catering of all customer needs
  • Global eco-friendly practices
  • Manufacturing and timely delivery of granite products
  • Production of slabs, tiles, and stone articles
  • Quality, precision, and professionalism
  • Stocks of finest quality stone products
  • Strict quality control at all stages
  • Transparent communication
  • Unbiased dedication and safety
  • Usage of cutting-edge technology
  • Use of the latest equipment & machinery
  • A well-trained staff of professionals

With these features, we promise our global clientele zero-defect granite products and a faultless customer service that overcomes all expectations. We leave no stone unturned to resolve major and minor customer issues in a hassle-free manner. At our Hosur plant, we exercise the following processes to give you the best decor and construction material:

  • Calibrating, cutting, honing, finishing and tumbling of granite slabs and tiles at manufacturing unit with modern tools.
  • Protecting granites from chipping, scratches, and damage during packing, loading, and unloading with quality wooden crates, corrugated boxes, and waterproof plastic.
  • Regular quality inspection, rigorous checks, and strict monitoring of granite products as per international standards.
  • Safe and secure delivery of packed granite products using an effective shipping procedure and proper documentation.

We ensure timely and flawless delivery of granites in more than 50 countries through top Indian ports in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. We extend a helping hand to all builders, professional architects, resellers, and individuals with high-quality finished products. Our wide array of granite materials in numerous shades, shapes, sizes, and patterns ensure that you would get any quantity of granite sitting at home.  We have successfully completed many projects in these countries: Germany, Hungary, Italy, Australia, Austria, Egypt, France, Qatar, the UK, Mexico, New Zealand, and the USA.