Five Tips for Removing Minor Scratches from Granite Countertops

Five Tips for Removing Minor Scratches from Granite Countertops

Granite is a globally popular material for creating countertops, especially in the kitchen. It occurs in a variety of eye-pleasing shades of brown, green, red, yellow, white, black, pink and so forth with lots of dynamic patterns that enhance its look. In addition, it is very durable, strong and has natural resistance to high temperature and acidic environment; hence best suited for kitchens, where lots of activities occur throughout the day.

Indian granite is admired globally for its mesmerizing shades and fine quality and to get any of the popular granite products, either countertop or tiles, you can contact a well-known granite supplier and exporter from India that has a global reputation of delivering quality products in different countries on time.

When a granite slab is used as countertops in the kitchen, it gets exposed to minor damages like scratches and pits through our daily cooking-related activities, such as cutting, chopping, kneading, etc. Using a knife and heavy stuffs (utensils and kitchen appliances) on the kitchen countertops sometimes bring scratches or pits to the same. Under such circumstances, it becomes really tough to decide whether one should perform the repair exercise by oneself or call an expert. Read further to learn about what all can be restored by homeowners as well as situations, wherein a professional help is required.

  1. Washing the Granite Surface: Use a pH neutral, mild cleaner and water to wash the granite surface to remove grease or grime formation. It is suggested not to scrub the surface too hard, which could otherwise enlarge pre-existing scratches.


  1. Inspecting the Countertop: Observing the granite surface after cleaning can help you to better examine how deep the scratches and pits are! You can now easily touch these scratches to analyze that whether they can be repaired by you or need a professional assistance.


  1. Using a Granite Repair Kit: Fill in small scratches or pits with an acrylic repair kit. Just keep in mind that the scratch should be deep enough to accommodate the acrylic. A less deep scratch responds well to this treatment. Another option is to use a scratch stick, which doesn’t damage the polished surface, but decreases the visibility of scratches.


  1. Light Sanding: This treatment is suitable for scratches that are deep and can’t be effectively treated with the previous step. Scrape the scratch with the lightest grade steel wood or sandpaper by making linear motions. Once the scratch becomes significantly inconspicuous, apply a recommended stone sealer or rubbing compound.


  1. Hiring a Professional: One shouldn’t even try to repair the stone surface, if he/she feels that they can’t be repaired without a professional help. Your worthless attempts might bring irreparable damage to you granite countertop. A professional has a rich experience of effectively handling all sorts of scratches and hiring such experts is the last and best option for very deep scratches.

Be it a countertop or any other product, regular care and maintenance is of extreme importance, especially in case of natural stones. Granite is probably the best material for kitchen countertops and with good maintenance, it can last a lifetime, while preserving its spotless and glossy look.