Why Green Granite is Best for Your Kitchen

Choosing the right color of granite for kitchen installations sometimes become frustratingly challenging even for the best of interior designers. Superficially, it might appear unchallenging, but the underlying main issue is to pick just the right shade of green, so that it beautifully complements the décor the kitchen and at the same time, performs as a highly functional natural stone.

India is a major producer and exporter of green Indian granite. To get quality green granite products in desired size, finish, shade and design pattern, one can contact a reputed green granite exporter from India that has a global reputation of delivering quality granites products on time.

Presently, most customers want a decent addition to their kitchen, which give them ample of space to incorporate the concept of “Kosher Kitchen,” which basically means effectively segregating spaces for dairy and meat stuffs. This requires everything to be two within a kitchen, be it dishwasher, oven or sink. Additionally, more number of cabinets is needed to separately place utensils, pans and pots specific for each category of food items. Initially customers look for black granite, which in itself is a highly popular granite color, but eventually get attracted towards green granite due to their amazing shades and design patterns.

Green granite gives a natural touch to the kitchen and makes them look even more beautiful. The grainy surface of granite with a dark to light green background becomes more stunning with streaks, swirls and patches in different colors and tones. Granite with large and scattered grains seems to be more dynamic, while tightly packed and smaller grains makes the granite look a bit static. The patterns on the granite surface are the result of impurities and intense pressure that forms a natural stone like granite. Granite formed under relatively low pressure conditions tends to be less dense with bluish, greenish and whitish shades on its surface with any one shade dominating the scene.

Selecting slabs with more design variation is more challenging than those with less variation for kitchen applications. Covering the entire kitchen island with a single granite slab is very popular these days. The overall looks of a kitchen can be elegantly enhanced with just an idea of using green granite. Customers are usually found to pick the green granite of their choice and select the rest of the interior design components to match with the former. For example, using glass tile for backsplash, painting walls in taupe color and installing Shaker style of cabinets in an off-white shade gracefully complement the green granite installations inside kitchens.

To create the desired effect, homeowners can choose from a light to dark shades of green granite for kitchen decoration. One major advantage of choosing green granite is that it gives you innumerable options in selecting other design components with kitchen. Whatever may be your choice of green granite, it is sure to go well with almost everything; be it any black element or appliances with the shine of stainless steel. Besides, cabinets, both in cherry or maple shade, looks amazingly good with green granite. As per the requirement, green can be effectively used as a neutral or highlighted shade for interior designing.

Apart from design patterns and shades, it is the choice of surface finish of green granite that can make it look more appealing. Though the high-glossy polished finish is an all-time popular choice, the current trend suggests a honed finish, which imparts a slightly matt texture to the granite surface. This finish makes the granite surface pretty functional when used inside kitchens and have gained immense popularity in recent years due to its unique texture.

Using granite, especially green granite is like bestowing your kitchen with a part of nature, which in different shades and with amazing patterns is sure to uplift the décor of your kitchen in a wonderful way that is supposedly not possible with any other material. Moreover, with a little care and periodic maintenance, you can be assured of its arresting looks even if continuously used for decades after its installation.