How the use of granite in the workplace promotes the well-being of people?

May 16, 2023 Admin

A large number of studies indicate that the excessive use of concrete and other manmade building materials leads to an increase in the stress levels of people working there. Despite this statement, the use of such elements is on the rise everywhere. But, what’s the alternative that can be both bold and beautiful? The answer is natural stone, particularly granite. Founded in different parts of the world, granite is not just a visually enriching stone but its physical characteristics are exceptionally remarkable. Be it’s stain resistance, hardness, porosity, and weather resistance, granite tends to outperform all its counterparts in all aspects. Today, a majority of granite suppliers in India supply finest quality granite to granite importers worldwide.

In this post, you will get to know how use granite articles at your workplace promotes the overall well-being of your workforce. Being a natural stone, granite possess some wonderful qualities that make it a health-promoting material as compared to concrete which is preparing using advanced technology. Be it granite countertops, granite flooring, wall cladding, or any other granite article, there are several reasons why using granite at home, office, and other places doesn’t cause detrimental issues to your overall health and well-being.

Granite stone is frequently linked to upscale bathrooms and kitchen surfaces. It is a natural stone, though, so it may be blended into any environment. And you shouldn’t forget about your business property.

Granite is second only to diamonds in terms of hardness among natural stones. The material is a favourite among property owners due to its longevity. You may include it as a classic addition to your business property. It might serve as the main draw if you have the correct design. Granite stone, for instance, may be used to create co-working areas or office worktops, countertops, and flooring.

Granite has no negative effects on people. Natural material called granite has been used for thousands of years as dimensional stone. Granite is a natural substance, thus it is not inherently harmful. However, the chemicals used to polish it could be.

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After installation, special care must be taken while handling the chemicals used to polish it. The majority of natural stones may include traces of radioactive substances like uranium. These substances emit radon gas when they break down.

Granite may be used as flooring, despite being most frequently associated with granite worktops and backsplashes. Granite is a fantastic option if you want something that will complement your house and property while also being beautiful and long-lasting.

Properties of Granite Stone

Below are some wonderful properties of granite stone:

Resistance to moisture and stains

Granite may be used in bathrooms and kitchens without any problems since, when properly sealed, it is

exceptionally resistant to moisture. Because sealed granite flooring is so impermeable, there is little chance of water damage when it is installed in moist areas like bathrooms.

Additionally, it is stain-resistant, including against stains brought on by acidic meals, which makes it the ideal material for countertops. Granite is widely utilised as a surface for food preparation since it is more stain-resistant than other types of flooring.

As long as the granite is properly sealed, spills on properly treated granite tiles may be quickly wiped up.

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For those who have allergies, granite is a good option. Allergy sufferers may find that their allergic symptoms are further diminished by routine cleaning to prevent the collection of dust and other particles.

If you let your kids play directly on top of spotless granite tiles, you won’t need to be concerned about allergic reactions.

As opposed to certain other natural stones, granite is less porous, so it doesn’t absorb liquids or moisture, which bacteria and allergies may utilize to congregate and spread.



The durability of granite is one of its best qualities. When it comes to flooring, granite is a wonderful option for commercial space owners who anticipate high foot activity in specific areas.

If you apply the right granite sealer and cleaning, your granite tiles or granite worktops can survive for decades. Granite is a strong, extremely long-lasting natural stone that can handle high foot traffic, furniture weight, and pet scratches when used as flooring. Also, choose to get the stone from reputed granite suppliers. 

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Wider Varieties

Granite is popular as a flooring material for several reasons, including its inherent beauty. Because no two granite slabs are precisely the same, they can have a variety of patterns and themes. For a more rustic appearance, granite slabs might be muted and brushed rather than highly polished and shiny.


Granite is available in a range of hues, and the quartz that makes up the stone’s makeup gives it a unique sparkle.

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The Conclusion

There are several wonderful features of granite that make it a stone of choice for both residential and commercial applications. From wider product ranges to hypoallergenic properties, granite stone prevents the growth of harmful elements on its surface. In addition, it doesn’t emit any toxic fume or gas which can cause air pollution. This is why granite is used widely in commercial spaces. Consult the reputed granite suppliers in India to get the competitive rates for Indian granite.