Importing Granite from India to the USA Fuss-freely

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India is a big granite hub for more than 150 countries at the global level. India trade granite in the form of granite blocks, slabs, tiles, and other stone articles. The joint value of total granite export from India to the rest of the world is 746.4 USD million. The giant share of this granite export is shared by China and USA. China buy rough blocks from India at a larger scale. On the other hand, the United States buy polished and ready-to-use granite countertops, tiles, and slabs. Importing granite from India to USA or any other country is quite easy. There are lots of legal formalities and other normal procedures that a buyer has to accomplish before importing granite products. If you are an American and are interested in buying Indian granite stone products sitting at your American home, just go through the content and know how you can make things happen in your favor.

Granite shipping

Granite importing from India – All you need to know about

There is a long list of granite importing countries interested in purchasing rough or finished granite stone from India. USA is one of leading granite importing countries and India caters to its commercial granite stone needs. When it comes to importing granite from India to USA, B2B granite buyers from USA need to have an experience of going through the clearance process and accomplishing all documentation.

Note that B2B buyers need to fulfil typical CBP requirements (standard import documents) because granite and marble are not a matter to directive from other government agencies. Primarily, there are four main documents that you need to have for importing Indian granite from the land of the United States. These include:

Commercial invoice

It owns all vital information about to-be-shipped products internationally. It is important for calculating the import duties. It contains details of:
• Destination of the product
• Manufacturer’s origin
• Packaging and description of goods, date, terms of sale, etc.

Packing list

B2B buyers get this packing list by the freight forwarder for the inspection of cargo by customs. This list has data about the cargo that include:
• Count and weight of each container
• Detailed dimensions of the shipment
• Specific listing of items included in the containers

Bill of lading (BOL)

It is the document that is supplied to the shipper of the goods by the carrier of the cargo. It also helps exporters get their payment from US importers and the importers obtain their merchandise. The BOL is also vital for the important international shipping details and tacking the product as well.

Arrival notice

The carrier of the cargo offers this document on entering U.S. territory. It contains all details that customs need for necessary customs clearance. An ISF filing, the sole responsibility of the importer, is also mandatory if the shipment is coming via the ocean. An ISF filing may include details of:
• A consolidator; the country of origin, and a container stuffing location
• A commodity Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States number (HTSUS)
• The ship to party, the manufacturer or supplier, and the importer
• The consignee number, the buyer, and the seller

Custom bond

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) demand a custom bond (an insurance like policy) for commercial shipments. It shows that import duties have been paid.

Cargo Ship

India supplies granite tiles, slabs, blocks, and countertops in various colors, dimensions, patterns, and designs. India successfully caters to the changing needs of B2B granite buyers with the following granite stone dimensions. These include:
• Gangsaw block size – 260x160x100 cm up 280x180x100 and 300x190x120 cm up 300x200x100
• Cutter block size – 180x70x60 cm up 240x70x60
• Countertops and vanity tops – Custom sizes
• Gangsaw slabs – 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
• Cutter slabs – 180×60 up in 2 & 3 cm
• Tiles – 30×30, 30×60, and 60×60 cm

If you are interested in buying Indian granite stone in any quantity and quality from India, make sure you abide by mentioned-above documents.