Involvement of Indian Granite Suppliers in the Processing and Supplying Rough Granite Blocks

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Ivory White Granite Rough Block

Granite blocks in the form of intrusive igneous rock are found underground in granite caves. With high compressive solidity and strength, blocks are used for vast structural vocation. Indian granite block suppliers and exporters cater to the needs of international buyers with a big quantity of granite blocks for sale. Global buyers prefer quality, quantity and price before buying rough stone products from India. Quality is always a big factor. But, remember that granite blocks can vary in terms of density, fracturing, bedding planes and depth. And the same happen due to the preference of quarrying techniques by manufacturers at quarries. Quantity and price factors always attract foreign buyers to India. With this content, all readers will be able to know more about the active participation of Indian granite suppliers and manufacturers in natural stone processing and supply of giant block products to rest of the world.

Removal and checking of rough granite blocks from geologic deposit

Granite block extraction process is the first step in the quarrying where blocks or pieces of stone are removed from an identified and excavated geologic deposit. There are primarily three type of steps that a granite block manufacturer prefers to check and remove granite stone blocks from geologic deposit. These include:

Initial steps in quarrying to get blocks

  • Getting access to the granite deposit
  • Exposing the face of granite by removing the layer of earth, vegetation, and rock
  • Removing stone from the quarry in benches (8-20 feet square)

Granite engineers and quarry experts go in for a variety of techniques that are quite apposite to the geology and granite deposit characteristics.

Quarrying operations

  • Drilling of holes along the perimeter of the bench
  • Cutting the stone out of the deposit using saws equipped with diamond wire
  • Splitting the stone using hydraulic splitters or small explosive charges
  • Lifting and transferring cut and split benches to a quality and size inspection area

Ivory White Granite block suppliersThe granite blocks are obtained from the rock face by the following ones: Blasting equipment, thermal lances and diamond wire cutting machines. Then, controlled explosions help in separating blocks from the rocks.

Size and quality specifications

  • Visiting the quarry and inspecting blocks by experienced stone engineers
  • Checking blocks for cracks, fissures, color pattern and other variations
  • Most premium blocks selected and moved to process into gangsaw and cutter slabs

From the quarry, generally, blocks of size 300-320 x 155-165 x 160-205 cm and weight 23-29 tons are transferred to granite processing factories.

Quality granite block from Indian granite suppliers

Ivory white granite Rejected BlockIt is imperative that all quarried raw blocks meet definite criteria to fulfill the economic and technical requirements. Generally, the quality is when raw block sizes range between 6 and 8 m3. In the same manner, weight of the block also matters the most as it is concerned with transport, handling and safety issues. As per United Nations, the standard volumes for natural stone blocks decided for export range between 2.0 × 1.0 × 0.5 and 3.0 × 2.0 × 1.0 m, whereas it is 1–6 m³ for minimum volumes. Like volume, width, height and length also play a vital role in stone decoration. Indian suppliers always stick to all quality factors and international standards.

Rejected Granite Block
problem in granite block

To ensure quality and get blocks from being rejected, a professional Indian granite manufacturer takes issues of faults, joints, cracks, fissures, or bedding planes into account. The granite company sticks to quality factor by focusing on block size optimization, high-quality raw materials, and avoidance of unnecessary waste and overburden. Let’s check out what Indian granite block suppliers have in their bags:

Ivory White Granite Rough Block Supplier

Color: White, green, and black granite blocks

Packing materials: Wooden

Shape: Rectangular
Usage/application: Cutting slabs and tiles

Status: Wet and dry

Popular sizes:

  • Size 300 x 155 x 160 cm and weight 23 tons
  • Size 320 x 130 x 190 cm and weight 23-24 tons
  • Size 310 x 140 x 205 cm and weight 27-28 tons
  • Size 320 x 165 x 185 cm and weight 29 tons

Regatta Granites India provides a fine range of rough granite blocks in different shapes, sizes, and quantity demanded by international buyers. The company tries its best to overcome all expectations with the best-in-class customer service.