How to Keep Your Granite Countertops Look Great All the Time

Owing to its availability in an array of shades with dynamic surface patterns and properties like durability, strength and heat resistance, granite is an extremely popular material for creating kitchen countertops all over the world.

As one of the world’s leading exporters of granite, India offers more than 100 varieties of granite that differ from each other with respect to color and streaky or swirly patterns on their surface. To get a countertop or any other granite product, you can approach a reputed granite supplier and exporter from India that holds a good international rapport for its dedicated customer service, quality product and timely deliveries.

Though granite is a highly functional stone and best suited for kitchen installations, proper care and periodic maintenance are critical to its longevity and to keep it shine like new for decades. Below given are several tips that can help you in keeping your granite countertops shiny and spotless for a long time:

1. Always Use Granite-Specific Cleaners: After granite countertop installation in the kitchen, it is usually the installer or fabricator that instructs you about the cleaning of the countertop. These instructions are a must to follow every time you plan to clean your countertop. It is suggested not to use harsh or acidic chemicals for granite surface cleaning. Make sure that you never use cleaners that contain chemicals like citric acid, ammonia, vinegar and bleach.                             In addition to a branded granite-friendly cleaner, you can use a solution of mild soap and lukewarm water for cleaning, especially in case of minor stains and less dirty countertops. Always wipe the granite surface with a soft cotton cloth soaked in the solution.

2. Practice Safe Habits to Avoid Damage to Granite Countertops: A lot of activities like cutting, chopping, kneading, placing and lifting hot utensils, using heavy appliances occur on the surface of granite inside every kitchen. Possibilities are there that if you are somewhat careless while performing all such activities, you might damage your granite countertop. For example, granite is resistant to high temperature, but it is a good practice to use coasters or mats while placing a hot pan on the granite countertop. It is therefore suggested to practice good habits with which you can be assured of long life and glossy surface of your granite.

3. Protect Your Granite Countertop With Sealing: Sealing your granite countertop just after its installation is actually your basic line of defense. Sealing makes the granite non-porous and resistant to stains and scratches. Sealing is not required to be done too frequently, but since it gets wear away after constant use of the granite countertop, it is required to be re-applied. Depending on the usage of the granite countertop, frequency of sealing may vary from a year to 3 years.

Taking a little care of your granite countertop and making just a few changes in your habits can actually make your countertop shine like new even after decades.