Kuppam Green Granite: Green Granite with a Grayish Twist

This is one amazing variant of granite, which is known for its unique pattern and beautiful grayish green shade. This granite from India is very popular across the globe and widely employed for a variety of purposes in the construction sector. You can easily get Kuppam green granite from a number of green granite manufacturers in India that own granite factories near quarries, where high-quality granite is processed. In case you want it to be imported from India, you can contact any of the leading Indian green granite suppliers and exporters. They not only offer high product quality, but also ensure you of dedicated customer service as well as safe and timely deliveries.

Kuppam Green granite is a fine-grained natural stone with grayish green background. Streaks in white and light grey shades run over its surface that impart a unique look to it. This green stone is available in the forms of slabs, blocks and tiles. Different finishes in which this green granite is in demand are leather/satin, flamed, river washed, antique, bush-hammered, sawn, sandblasted, and flamed and brushed. However, Kuppam Green granite appears best in glossy polished finish. While polishing the granite, epoxy resin filler is applied on its surface to fill tiny pores and fissures on its surface. This makes the surface even smoother without hampering the looks and characteristics of the green granite.

Sealing is a common process with most of the natural stone and so is in the case of granite. This prevents granite from stains, marks and scratches, while allowing it to preserve its shine. Sealing is possible in Kuppam Green granite, but multiple sealing attempts should be avoided to prevent the formation of a residue film on the granite surface.

Suitable for both residential and commercial projects, Kuppam Green granite bears all the properties that are typical of granite. High strength, durability, resistance towards high temperatures, frost and extreme pH conditions are some of the properties that make granite perfect for almost all types of installations. Several popular Kuppam Green granite products are vanity tops, work tops, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, wall coverings, fireplace surrounds, monuments and art pieces, and pavers. In addition to standard sizes, these products can be customized as per the project requirement.

Kuppam Green granite got its name from the region of its origin from where it has been quarried. Kuppam region falls in the Chittoor District of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. However, this green granite is also quarried from Eastern Ghats. A number of Kuppam green granite quarries are located in Western and Eastern Ghats regions and there exists a lot of variation in terms of color and veining patterns even in blocks from the same quarry. Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find that the sample of Kuppa Green granite is slightly different from the whole slab. In reality, these variations are responsible for the uniqueness of any natural stone variety, including granite.

This green granite is highly recommended for flooring and countertops. When tastefully used in the living space or kitchen, Kuppa Green granite proves to be one of the best granite variants by uplifting the décor of the space in the most elegant way. Monuments and different art pieces are also carved out of Kuppa Green granite that are generally used to adorn facades, parks and gardens. Such beautiful installations bring an irresistible charm to the outdoor spaces and make their ambience more pleasing and welcoming.

Whatever may be your choice of natural stone, a little care and periodic maintenance is always required, which extends the life of your stone product, preserve their shine, and prevents them from scratches and stains.